Maltese Wedding

8th July 2006














Earlier this year association members received an invitation to the wedding of Kirstine Bonnici (the daughter of Marsa Councillor Mr Raymond Bonnici and Mrs Rita Bonnici) on 8th July 2006 to Mr Ronald Farrugia.

Members who took holiday to attend were Mr Mike and Mrs Di Grabner (secretary and member) Mr Dave Perrin (treasurer) Mr Steve and Mrs Pat Morgan (member and vice-chair)

The wedding took place after Mass in the evening when it was a little cooler at Maria Regina church in Marsa.

The bride arrived with her father and some of the attendants in a beautiful vintage convertible car. There were 11 attendants-3 flower girls, 3 page boys (1 who carried the rings on a cushion) 1 Maid of Honour, 2 bridesmaids and 2 ushers. They were family members or friends. They wore a beautiful almost green/aquamarine colour dresses that had been made by the bride’s grand mother.

The reception was held at a wedding hall which was at Torre Paulina in an area called Madliena.It was an old fort, and a new part had been designed with several rooms in side but you descended steps to a marvellous out door area looking out over to the sea in the distance. There was a full size swimming pool that was used as a backdrop for photographs, a band stand where live music was played nearly all evening to the early hours to entertain the 550 guests. There was marvellous food provided by waiters circulating all the time and a free bar.

The bride and groom circulated to all their guest’s and were given gifts of money as wedding presents and we received a crystal gift as a thank you.

The couple spent what was left of the night in a hotel on the island before going on honeymoon to Jamaica.

It was a wonderful experience and very different from an English wedding and no worry about the weather!

We thank Raymond and Rita for inviting us to share in their celebrations.

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Bridal Group in the church

Bride with Association members and parents

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