Visit to Marsa Souts HQ

28th October 2007

While on holiday Pat and Steve Morgan were invited to attend the 1st Marsa Scout Headquarters to see the entries for their annual handcraft competition.

We took a scrapbook that had been made by Bridgwater scout Abbey Walker who had been selected with 3 other scouts from the 1st Bridgwater St Georges to attend the Centenary World Scout Jamboree in England this summer. She had included her experiences, how she had been selected, how she had raised the £1000 needed to go, and what she did there, including meeting Prince William. She included many photos and badges specific to the world jamboree; the outer cover of the book was in the red and white scarf colours of the Bridgwater group.

The photos show Pat presenting the scrapbook, a map of the EU countries (Malta is a member of the EU and starts using the euro on New years Day) and a Christmas present to the Group from Bridgwater Scouts to Mark Catania Assistant Group Scout Leader and Joe Galea Honorary Cub Scout leader who has belonged to the group for 54 years. He is now their historian.


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