Signing of Twinning Agreement in Marsa

The signing in Marsa took place on Wednesday 25th October 2006.

Present were Bridgwater’s Mayor and Mayoress Mr Pat and Mrs Jenny Parker, Deputy Mayor and Mayoress Mr Phillip and Mrs Ute Smeed, previous Mayors Mr Ken Richards and Margo,Mr Bill Munn and Mary, and Mr David Busby.

Bridgwater-Marsa twinning Association members were Mrs Pat Morgan (Vice chair) Mr Steve Morgan and Ivana Hodgkinson.

We were met at the airport by the Mayor of Marsa Mr Francis Debono and his deputy Mr Dominic Spencer and councillors when we arrived on 24th.


On Wednesday we were invited to the 1st Marsa scout troop who are already twinned with the 1st Bridgwater troop and have been in regular contact. We were made very welcome, it was a Cub night and there were many children there including Scouts looking extremely smart in full uniform.Mr Debono introduced our Mayor who was knowledgeable about the movement as he had “gone through” the different sections as a child/young man. He was presented with their scarf, and made a speech.


Pat Morgan presented information about Bridgwater and the carnival to Mark Catania Assistant Group Scout Leader from the 1st Bridgwater troop and their scarf to Mr Alfred Savona group Scout leader. She was given Newsletters to bring back- the back page being devoted to the Twinning and written in English.

Mr Parker then signed the Visitors book which has Lord Baden Powell and Lady Baden Powell signatures in (see photo) the group celebrated its 75th anniversary last year.

We were then escorted by the scouts and their leaders through the streets to The Teresa Nuzzo School which is a private school attached to a convent.


The hall had many people waiting from the school including the Head and deputy head teacher, teachers, council officials, councillors  and their families and people of Marsa.We were then joined by Mr Nick Archer the British High Commissioner. The Signing took place with both the Town Mayors and their Deputies and the High Commissioner

putting their signature to the documents .Speeches were made before and after, Mr Nick Archer making his in Maltese and then translating for us-he has only been in post for 6months so everyone was very impressed.

Gifts were exchanged between the councils all was watched by an escort of the Scouts.

The company then walked to the Bridgwater Playing Field where our mayor Mr Pat Parker was invited to unveil a Plaque which was blessed by the local priest. A tree was planted by him to complement one planted by our members Mike Grabner and Dave Perrin 2 years ago (see previous photos)

A reception was then held at the playing field where our party were able to see all the equipment and previous plaques to celebrate our connections. The reception enabled the true spirit of twinning where people met and learnt about each others cultures, our similarities and differences and to build on an already firm friendship.

The delegation was invited to the Marija Band Club in Marsa where again we were made very welcome and members who had not had the pleasure of visiting a Band club before were impressed by the work they do with the young people of the town. The trophies in the room were beautiful and we were invited to sign the visitor’s book. Most towns in Malta have a band Club linked to the church as they are all involved in Fiesta which celebrates the feast of the saint of the church. The Brass bands are a legacy of the British services in Malta.

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