The Mayor of Marsa Mr Francis Debono and the executive secretary of the Marsa council Mr Adrian Attard flew to England to take part in the formal signing of the twinning agreement.

On Tuesday 25th May they met with the members of the association to renew friendships before going to the Charter Hall where the Mayor Mr Bill Monteith and council members had been having an open meeting with people of Bridgwater.

The hall had been decorated with the St George flag of England and the flag of Malta.

The signing between the two Mayors was witnessed by our Town Clerk Mr Alan Hurford and Mr Adrian Attard as well as council members, their wives and the members of the Bridgwater-Marsa Twinning Association.

A reception was held in the Mayors Parlour with gifts being exchanged between the two councils.

The following day Francis and Adrian were taken by association members to visit our Chairman’s shop in Bridgwater’s market and to Penrose School to meet staff and pupils. They were then taken to Clarks village where they found some bargains.

The evening was spent having a very enjoyable meal with all the association members and plenty of talking before they returned to London to fly home the next day.

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