Annual Presentation of Marsa Cups


At the Bridgwater Ladies Town Skittle League Presentation evening on June 6th at the Newmarket Hotel for season 2007/2008 among the many trophies that were awarded to the various divisions were the cups given to Bridgwater for the ladies skittle league by our Twin Town in Malta- Marsa. This year they were presented by Pat Morgan the Secretary of the Bridgwater-Marsa Twinning Association. See www. for more information.


There are 3 cups, one each for the highest individual score in the Knockout Competition, Four a Side and the Pairs.  Knockout was won by Andrea Porter with a score of 65.The Four a Side went to Carol Stoodley with a score of 75 and the Pairs was shared by Kelly Depledge and Sheila Green with scores of 71 each.


Unfortunately not all the recipients were able to attend so were collected by another member of their team but Carol and Sheila were able to. It was an enjoyable night with past and present committee members Lil Anstes and Jan Johnson presenting the many other award and cups. Flowers and gifts were given in thanks to them and the secretary of the League Chrissie Briffet and her husband John who does so much also.

Please note fixture lists to be collected from the Cobblestones on the evening of 4th August and look forward to a good season.

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