In July when members from Bridgwater had visited for a holiday and the wedding we were invited to meet the leaders of the 1st Marsa Scout group who are twinning with the 1ST Bridgwater group.


Francis Debono (the Mayor of Marsa) took us to the Scout Hall to meet Mr Alfred Savona the Group Scout Leader .When we arrived it was Cub’s night and they were being taught how to be tidy when they are away on camp, which was to be in a few weeks time.


We were taken to the leaders room where we met leaders and committee members and made very welcome - our interest in scouting is as parents over the last 20 years as our son is Assistant Leader of the 1st Bridgwater.

The Marsa troop has just celebrated its 75th anniversary. It has an award winning band,( There are many bands in Malta? due to the British influence)  a computer on site and many other facilities our Scouts would love to have.


There is a notice board devoted to the twinning (see photo) and a leader responsible for the twinning. They have a quarterly news letter and the back page is going to be in English (a second language) and devoted to aspects of the twinning


It was planned that on camp after research into carnival the boys would make carnival carts so we look foreword to seeing them.

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