School Visit

29th October 2007.

We were also invited with friends on holiday with us to visit a school hoping to twin with a primary school in Bridgwater. The school in Marsa is the Theresa Nuzzo School a private school. We visited the school with Carmen Debono (the mayors wife) their daughter used to attend the school, Councillor Mary Rose Dalli and Adrian Attard executive secretary to the council.

We were met and welcomed by Sister Rita Vella the headmistress and Mrs C Abdilla senior teacher. We were all shown around the school, which caters for infants and junior aged children. When they go to senior school they attend single sex schools.

The school has nuns from the convent who teach, teachers and facilitators from the community. The children, teachers and facilitators made us very welcome and asked many questions. The children were very smart in their uniforms; there are children from Marsa and many from other areas of the island. The school day starts at 8.30 am and finishes at 13.30 hrs. Which means that some children have a very early start to their day, as buses transport them to school.

The school is bright and light with examples of work displayed on the walls in class and the corridors. They have a very large well-equipped hall, which is used for assemblies and dramatic productions. Other schools that do not have such a large hall also use it.

There is also a library, which is well used, and a computer room with many terminals, which they are hoping to use to communicate with our school. The art room was full of children who were in their first few weeks of school who were engrossed in their work and took great joy in showing it to us.

We were presented with a yearbook 2006-2007 which has been produced by many committed people under the leadership the Assistant Head of school Mrs Marise Bugeja and a beautiful calendar, which was of the children’s artwork. There is like our schools a dedicated Parents Teacher Association.

The school has just finished a 3-year Comenius Project, which enabled students and teachers to exchange ideas and learn from 2 other schools- one in Wales and the other in Spain.

At the end of an enjoyable morning the Mayor Mr Francis Debono joined us.