Miuntes 23-08-2011


Held on Tuesday 23rd August 2011

At 31, Camden Road, Bridgwater TA6 3HB


Present- Mike and Di Grabner, Joseph Abela, Ken Richards, Jenni Parker, Margaret Evans, Pat Morgan, Helmi Holder-Wolff

Apologies- Steve Morgan, Pat Parker, Tricia Brown, James Morgan Cat Rolfe.


Minutes from previous meeting had been received and agreed.


Matters Arising- PM reported Steve Gill had sent an email to say he felt he could no longer be Chairman as he has many other commitments and could not devote enough time to the association but would still like to be involved. KR suggested that JA takes the Chair until we have an AGM. MG thanked Steve for all his work over the years; this was seconded by everyone present who were very grateful. MG suggested SG does tender his resignation formally so it can be filed. We already have an email which has been printed.

JP says she has not done anything to plan the  trip to Malta.PM had gone through previous paperwork and found 2 copies of the  twinning agreement- in them it says that after 5 years the twinning will progress automatically unless one party wanted to end it. They would have to submit a letter 3 months before the signing date (this was in April 2011) JP said if a further signing was not needed she would like to visit Malta anyway.

Vice chairman Report- JA told us about his visit to Sicily and Malta- it was a very useful trip and was able to do alot of research for his next book. He was unable to bring back any Galleta because of weight restriction with the airline. He is looking forward to Wembdon Village Day.

Correspondence- PM and SM had received a lovely thank you letter from the Secretary of the West Huntspill Day Centre after PM gave a talk about the twinning and Malta helped by SM. She explained the group consisted of people from all ages the oldest 102 and a gentleman who had served in Malta. They sent the association good wishes for every success in the future and will watch for anything in the press.KR spoke about an article in today’s Mercury about 2 men who had served in Malta HH-W had brought the article. The man that lives in Bridgwater is Les Reed who KR knows well and is a neighbour of Helmi. PM wondered if he would like to talk to us about his experiences- they both thought he would.

PM had contacted the Malta Tourist Office in London after SG had let her know he did not have anything left to give away. PM emailed on Sunday and received 2 large packets on Tuesday morning. She will email her thanks. She has also contacted Chevron to thank them for the £100 voucher to ask if they had a brochure to give to the raffle winner.

Membership secretary- Tricia Brown is on holiday

Treasurer report- not present but no change £1,311.67

Wembdon Village Day-We will be taking part- will borrow a gazebo –JM will also be there running another stall-Crockery smashing with the Scouts which they do every year and the committee have been very generous with funding equipment for the Scout Group.PM and SM will run the stall with the help of JA.JA has some books about Malta which he will sell if people are interested and then replace then later as they form part of the library for the association. PM will take some membership forms in case people want to join. Helmi will be there but running her own stall- PM suggested she try’s to set up near us so can maybe help one another. JP suggested we will need stakes to attach banner to. We have also got many prizes for the Raffle; PM will contact Somerset Radio to advertise


Any other business-MG asked if anymore had happened about the tree.PM explained that Francis Debono (Mayor of Marsa) has problems getting to Bridgwater due to many commitments with his employment and his duties as mayor. If he could come it would be a “last minute” trip and to be able to arrange a tree planting ceremony needs time to arrange.JP asked when is a good time to plant a tree, we also discussed if like in Malta the tree planted was one local to the island perhaps that could happen here. TB has some Walnut Tree saplings – KR pointed out the problems of vandals. HH-W said it would need very good  protection. JA pointed out that Roy Cheek who was a plant expert had offered advice if we need it.MG also asked if FD had said anymore about the Cannon roundabout as he was so impressed with the one in Bridgwater near the Cross Rifles that had played such a big part in their first Bridgwater experience and had thought about one on one of the roundabouts in Marsa. PM and JA said he had not mentioned it to them.

Date, Time and place next meeting-


Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 12th October 2011

The Mayors Parlour

High Street


With Thanks to our Mayor

Councillor Pat Parker.