Miuntes 1-04-2009

Bridgwater/Marsa Twinning Association

Meeting held on Wednesday 1st April 2009.

Mayors Parlour Meeting Room


Present – Gordon and Barbara Taylor, Trisha Brown, Pat and Steve Morgan, Graham and Kay Granter.

Apologies – Joseph Abela, Colin Brown , Ivana Hodgkinson, and Wembdon Scout leaders.

There were concerns as our chairman Steve Gill was not present so TB phoned him – he had not received any of the emails PM had sent and was at work.

Vice Chair Pat Morgan chaired the meeting.

This meeting had been planned to follow up SG plans for a Marsa day on Saturday 25th July.

There was feed back from Wembdon scout leaders- the date was just as schools have broken up and a week before summer camp and James will be working and Lorna away so unable to help.

TB had been in contact with both schools- IH has a new class and has not done too much work about the twinning  and felt she would not get much support from parents at this time and also school had broken up for holidays. PM had heard from the Somerset Bus but no definite date reply.

Wembdon St Georges School said their teacher Emma Hodgkinson would -even though end of term be able to have enough children to provide country dancers and would be supported by the headmaster.

There was a general discussion and grave concerns were expressed as it was felt we did not have enough resources as in the number of people in the association, the number of people we would need to help us and the possible financial implications and the time scale. SM also pointed out that he and PM are away on holiday on that date.

TB wondered if we could promote the Association at the Arts Centre on that date.BT suggested that we have our stall on Wembdon Village Day on the main field near the Somerset Bus, as there may be more people passing. CB had also found out that to have a stall at the big market at Huntworth/North Petherton would cost £6. Also to have a stall in Angle Place – would need to contact manager.

BT asked about the Banner and it was decided that an 8 foot by 3 foot one would be a good size. It was decided that both town crests/logo and the name of the Association would be suitable. PM will contact Mr A Ward as he has shown and interest in producing it for us.

TB suggested we contact SG re raffle has application been made for licence? and do we have the Air Malta flight tickets. The association between our members can provide some prizes but PM to write letters and approach local businesses. Also SG to contact Charlie Dearden re the Association being involved in function’s with the Arts Centre. If the football competition still going ahead will need a trophy SM will get one when we have confirmation.

PM reminded the meeting that 5th June is the Annual Ladies Skittle Presentation and we have been asked to present the 3 Marsa Cups. She had also had a request from the Homburg Twinning Association  if we may need any input for Marsa Day to let them know.

GG and KG invited us to attend a meeting of the above at 7.30 hrs on 12th May.

PM expressed our thanks to GG and KG (Mayor and Mayoress) for the use of the room and their hospitality and they said they still want to be involved after they leave office on 15th May.

No date was made for next meeting as PM will contact SG and explain what happened at this meeting.

Date will be sent when planned.

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