Minutes 27-04-2011

Minutes of meeting held Wednesday 27th April 2011

At 2, Walter Barnet House


Present-Pat Morgan, Steve Morgan, Tricia Brown, Joseph Abela, Gordon Taylor and Margaret Evans.


Apologies- Steve Gill, Barbara Taylor, Mike and Di Grabner, Colin Brown.


Minutes from last meeting- All had received and correct.


Report from Chairman- SG sent apologies as very busy with local elections. JA took the meeting as Vice Chair. JA told the meeting about the trip he had just had to Malta with ME and 2 neighbours. They had a very good week visiting the Maltese Experience, Malta at war, had a horse and carriage ride around Mdina Also took Robert and Charles, one to Horse racing at Marsa and the other to the Car Museum in Qwara as well as SM’s birthday dinner at the Ganesha Indian restaurant where all of our twinning friends attended as well as JA’s niece and her fiancé. Pictures were taken to send to the Mercury and Times if OK.

Correspondence- SG had sent a good letter to the Mercury. The website had an email from Robert Smith who is the manager of Angel Place Shopping centre offering to help us in any way he can to promote our association. PM had replied thanking him and will follow it up after this meeting. JA reported he had met a young lady in the library who is of Maltese background and is interested in us. JA is now in contact with her through Face book and will let PM know so she can contact.

Report from Secretary- SM and PM were in Malta at the same time as JA sharing the same flight out on 8th April but stayed for 12 days. We were all met by Moira Catania, Dominic and Claudette and baby. Mark and Moira Catania were kind enough to lend us their car for our holiday. All our friends came to visit us that evening in our hotel including Mayor Francis Debono and his wife. We were entertained by a local singer and caught up with plenty of conversation!

On Sunday we went to Dominic’s house and walked into Valletta to see the St Georges Day Parade with 100’s of Scout and Guide’s from groups from all over the island. Many groups had bands and the Marsa Scout Group was very impressive with their new kilts. We returned to Dominic’s where Claudette has cooked us a wonderful meal of rabbit. We then went to several places in afternoon/evening and met up with Francis and Carmen again. JA had arranged a meal at the Ganesha restaurant for SM’s 60th birthday on 13th April with around 16 people plus cake with sparkler! We were also invited to Mark’s home where we had another Maltese meal. We took all our friends out to the Waterfront for a meal which was a lovely evening. We were invited again to Dominic’s for a birthday BBQ for SM where both sets of parents came as well, where SM was given presents and a birthday cake. As it was Palm Sunday we went to Francis and Carmen’s house and were taken to the church rooms of Maria Regina where we met an artist called Mario Bonnici who showed us fantastic pictures which he had made of coloured table salt and a large exhibition to celebrate Holy Week. The president of the pageant Martin Calleja presented us with a Pageant programme and a DVD. Later we watched the pageant where local people and children processed through Marsa in costumes of all the people that were involved in the process that led to the crucifixion of Jesus. They have a website that shows and explains the Pageant We also met many people from Marsa including the Deputy Mayor Chris Spiteria who we met when we visited 5 years ago for the signing. Moira Catania took us to her home town of Cospicu where we visited several holy week exhibitions and visited the church which was draped in black with many statues .We were taken to a side chapel where people where preparing for Easter Sunday with flowers and bright coloured drapes. Mark Catania is taking a break from scouts at the moment but has passed all information sent to him to the new Group Scout leader. Mark is still keen to be involved in the twinning.

Treasurers report-no change in amount in bank-£1,311-67p. SM thanked the council for our core grant as felt we would not receive it due to severe savings that councils need to make. Alan Hurford the Town Clerk told SM the money is already allocated for next year.

Update from Membership secretary- TB told us there is no change in membership.

Any other Business- PM and SM spoke to the Mayor Francis Debono and he will have to look at his work diary to see when he would be able to visit and it has to be agreed by Marsa Council to plant a tree that he would like to do. Steve Gill is trying to arrange a date to visit Marsa Way with a member of Sedgemoor District Council. On their recent visit PM had seen a lovely small tree that was in flower on road sides in Malta. After asking many people found out it is a Judas tree that will grow in England. JA wondered if it would be a good idea to ask Mr Roy Cheek (who JA meets regularly at church) as he is an expert on plants throughout the world if it would be suitable or a Tamarix tree and as TB suggested when best to plant.

When arranged will need to let all residents know. BT had found that B and Q have plaques but PM found out they are only house signs.PM will try and find out about a plaque and prices.

It had been seen that Steve Gill had spoken on Face book about having a Maltese evening at the Bridgwater Squibb- we will need to follow this thought up.

While in Malta SM found a brand new monthly newspaper to de delivered to every home called Malta Mark and Moira had received one. Dominic wondered if we sent a piece on the twinning as we have the contacts needed.PM will follow up.

We all thanked Joseph for his hospitality.


Next meeting Wednesday 8th June 7.30 hrs

31, Camden Road Bridgwater TA6 3HB