Minutes 17-03-2009





Present-Steve Gill, Mike Grabner, Joseph Abela, Graham Granter, Kay Granter, Steve Morgan, Pat Morgan, Tricia Brown, Colin Brown and Charlie Dearden.

Apologies- Di Grabner, Barbara Taylor, Gordon Taylor, Wembdon Scout Leaders.

Chairman’s report- SG welcomed all after a long break. He welcomed CD the Director of Bridgwater Arts Center.Steve has been planning a Marsa Day for the 25th of July. He asked CD to come as it is the weekend of the Cultural Olympiad and there will be some funding from the Youth Service. He has explored the idea of hiring Blake gardens at a price of £105 and has requested to be pencilled in .Trinity Hall would cost £9.50 an hour. He has contacted Air Malta who have promised 2 tickets to Malta (Taxes to be paid by winner) He has been in contact with the High Commissioner in London, our MP Ian Liddell Grainger  who would be available and ?? Joseph Muscat in Malta as he is a government minister. What would be needed for him? There would have to be official invites from the Association and explain endorsed by Bridgwater town council. He has also been in contact with Francis Debono and Dominic Spencer in Malta. Francis would like to come and SM suggested tree planting could be incorporated in the day. SG was asked what the principle of the day was he said to promote twinning and encourage people to find out about the association and Malta. He has contacted Air Malta and the Malta Tourist Board who would come. He had contacted Watchet Town band – they would cost £250 plus. It was felt that was rather expensive. A lady could provide Maltese food called patizzia but the price was felt to be too high by JA and SG himself?? We could provide some ourselves. Kinnie could also be obtained at a price.CD said the Arts centre would be having an Open day , she suggested a time limit on the day of perhaps 3 hours in the afternoon. She could provide entertainers but they would cost ??? £1.000 so the thought of asking schools and local groups to be involved was put forward SM pointed we did not have enough money to provide high cost entertainment and did not want us to get in financial difficulties as CB pointed out we had made a loss with our last venture. The discussion then moved to who else could be involved and could be charged for stalls- an Ice cream seller with sole access,? Hot dog stall TB was asked what would be a suitable charge for stalls and replied Wembdon Village day usually charge £5 .  PM will find out if Scouts could be available and if we could borrow some tentage but it was pointed out by TB that it was the first day of school holidays? Involve local school bands with? Prize or donation to their funds. It was discussed that a good Master of Ceremonies would make sure things ran smoothly. GG pointed out that Chris Hocking is the Town Mace bearer but is also a MC but may be busy with weddings so would have to ask him. Our Town Council would be asked to be involved .To provide a good sound system it would be a great help if we contacted BBC Somerset Sound to come with their bus which is a mobile Radio Station.

Will need to contact Somerset Tourist Board to see if any other events booked for that date as do not want a reoccurrence of our last event which was not well supported.KG wondered if the Museum would like to be involved selling refreshments as the do for Council Band Concerts. It is under TC ownership for a short time then will become a charity so would help them to raise money.GG told us that Brian Gillard is the Chairman. PM informed the meeting that minutes are sent to the Civic Society Sec Bernice. Suggestions were made that perhaps the ACTs group would like to perform with a donation to their funds.SG has already spoken to the Sapphire Majorettes and they have pencilled in the date.SG is awaiting replies from other youth groups.CD said there is an After School Group at the arts center.SG has a contact who has organised a youth football competition with 6 teams and the final will be held on 24th July? Small trophy. SM said he had contact with person who provided Scout trophy. CB voiced concerns about Public Performance rights and Public liability insurance.CD said if performers from Arts centre would be covered by their insurance and Sedgemoor District Council provides PLI with hiring Blake Gardens at a reasonable rate.GG pointed out that we need to sell Raffle Tickets as soon as possible to get maximum amount sold. Our license has expired so will have to be applied for again and then tickets printed. We would have to ask local companies for donations for raffle Prizes.MG said he has had experience before and found it very difficult SM wondered if a direct personal approach would achieve more.CB asked who would provide policing of the event as there are very few of us to try and sort out an event such as this GG wondered if we could contact our local police chief and also it was mentioned if a carnival club would do it for a donation. There were also concerns about who would clear up the site but it was felt that was included in the hire price .SDC has in the past provided stalls for Arts centre for special occasions ? available. It was felt it will take much arranging.

Secretary’s report and Correspondence-PM reported that several members attended the Remembrance Day Service in King Square and then marched to church  for the service and then  were involved in the March past through the High Street to the Royal British Legion TB suggested we lay a wreath next year from the Association-they are available from the  RBL. The meeting agreed .The Christmas Card from our Mayor and Mayoress Graham and Kay was shown to the members and all thanked GG and KG.We also thanked them for the invite to the  Mayors Rugby Match but apologised for not being able to attend.GG said it was a very good match. The website to 17/03/09 has had 19,469 hits among them a request from a group in the Malverns who are trying to start a twinning group and asked for advice SG has been in regular contact. PM had been to Wembdon School to Emma Hodgkinson class to give them letters from her visit to Theresa Nuzzo School in Marsa  in October- it had been difficult to arrange because of commitments on both sides, PM said it was a very enjoyable experience never have taken a class before. I showed a video about Malta, told them about the school, answered questions and helped them find in a map of Malta where the children live.PM had an email from Francis about an artist who had contacted him directly. When discussed at the meeting CD said he was known to the Arts Centre but has mental health problems.PM will contact FD and let him know.PM had an email from Alan Hurford (Town Clerk) and was asked if the Association would like to place information about the Association in the new Town Guide which has been submitted .We have also had support from the Mercury and the Bridgwater Times. Also BBC Somerset Sound‘s Emma Britton has been very helpful.

Membership Secretary- TB has complied a new /up to date membership list and gave to members.

Treasure’s report- SM reported we have a total of £1,189 and 41 pence in the bank account and still awaiting some subscriptions.

AOB-TB will approach schools to see if they would be interested in being involved as this would bring parents to the event.CD will approach the Arts Centre for the same reason.SM felt we need a banner to make ourselves visible and known at events including Wembdon Village Day? Where to obtain one.GG was asked if the Mayor (Ken Richards by the date) would open the event and he felt sure he would if asked. It was pointed out there would need to be formal invitations to the dignitaries on our headed paper and GG said to point out we have the endorsement of our Mayor and Mayoress.CD suggested we explore links with choirs and other youth groups.PM asked for any photographs and reports of members visits to Malta/Marsa so they can be added to the web site. She also needed full name and Status of Bernard Hamilton (Acting High Commissioner to Malta) to add to web site.SG gave it to her.


Date, time and Place of next meeting

Wednesday 1st April 19.30 hrs

Meeting Room Mayors Parlour.

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