Minutes 08-06-2011

Minutes of meeting held 8th June 2011.

Held at 31, Camden Road, Bridgwater TA6 3HB


Apologies- Ken Richards, Pat Parker, Colin Brown, Barbara and Gordon Taylor.

Present- Pat Morgan, Steve Morgan, Joseph Abela, Tricia Brown, Helmi Holder –Wolff.


Minutes from last meeting- all had received and were correct.

 Chairman report-Steve Gill had not arrived and following a phone call said he had not received reminder and promised to phone PM the following day with lots of information.

Vice Chairman report- JA had just returned from Marsa  and had found the trees in the Spencer Gardens  called Maclura ( A male and female ) which had been brought to Malta by Commander Robert Cavendish Spencer ( a great great uncle of Lady Diane Spencer ) who died and was buried in Malta in 1830 aged 39. JA had spoken to Francis Debono the Mayor of Marsa to find out if they were rare in Malta .JA had contacted Michael Salivo from the Marsa cultural society who was going to investigate to see if they are unique perhaps they and our association could adopt them as FD and MS had heard there was to be road works in the area and will investigate. ? How we would adopt and what it would entail .JA had spoken to Roy Cheek who is a local plant expert who would be very happy to advise us and would have attended but had other commitments (he knows there are some of these in Bath and Cardiff) JA had spoken to FD re his wish to plant a tree here but he is unable to plan a date due to employment commitments so if able to come it would be at short notice.Prehaps we could ask our Mayor Pat Parker re a formal invite – PP had expressed a wish to be able to visit Malta in his year of office ? October half term.PM and SM are away elsewhere on those dates. Perhaps we could ask him if he could send a formal invite to FD as 5 th celebration of twinning. Also? ask Roy for advice re tree. No contact from SG about meeting with SDC at Marsa Way.

Correspondence- PM had contacted MEPA in Malta about the flora in Spencer Gardens. She will also invite PP to be President as previous Mayors. She is committed to jury service but will do ASAP.

Secretary report- PM has been asked to give a talk on Malta to on 11th August to the West Huntspill Mini Day Centre. JA thought it would be a good idea if we could promote ourselves this way. She will ask James Morgan if possible to borrow a projector to show some pictures.

We will need to contact the manager of Angle Place who offered to help us promote the twinning to find out what he could offer us.

TB told us that Wembdon Village day is on Monday 29th August and she will arrange a place for us- it will be first come first serve as to where we place ourselves! SM wondered if we could sell food and drink perhaps Maltese TB was unsure as it is a fund raiser for the village and they do alot of their own catering. She will investigate. We could hold a raffle if it is drawn on the day without having a licence. JA suggested we contact the Malta Tourist Board in London for information to promote Malta and? some raffle prizes he is going to Malta sometime in August and suggest Tourist board in Valletta. SM suggested we approach Air Malta to see if they could provide anything to Raffle- it was suggested they are having financial difficulties so may not be able. It was felt if we could get DVD’s/ CD’s gifts or souvenirs it would help us.

JA will try and get some Galleta from Malta when there and he has a recipe for bigilla. He also mentioned that there is a site on Face book called Love Malta.

Treasurer Report- SM reported no change the funds stand at £1,311.67p.

Membership Secretary- TB has been trying to get in contact with a family in North Petherton who had shown an interest but as yet has been unable to do so.

Any other business-It was suggested PM contact Emma Britton at BBC Somerset as JA has a friend in Malta who is a National radio presenter called Susan Mulvanuy- she is on his Facebook list. PM will contact her as she is interested in meeting us.

SM and PM had collected some information about Gozo as EB is going there later in the year .TB asked about the event Steve Gill had mentioned- PM thought it was on 25th June to celebrate Joan’s birthday but has not had any more information.

JA had a programme from the art exhibition that the Marsa council had organised at the Valletta Waterfront which had included some work by Michael Cooper from Street of the Somerset countryside. There was a page dedicated to Michael and PM asked if she could contact Michael to see if he would like it. The mayor of Marsa council is hoping to make it an annual event and PM had asked Francis if they would like some artists from Bridgwater to take part. He thought if the work could be transported there it may be possible. Helmi said it may be a problem as often the work was very important to the artist. There was a general discussion and it was suggested that perhaps we contact Bridgwater College, Chilton Trinity School or the Arts Centre.



Date of next meeting

Tuesday 26th July at 7.30 pm

At 2 Walter Barnett House Albert Street.