On a recent holiday to Malta Steve and Pat Morgan visited the Marsa Scout Group HQ and met Mark Catania who is the Assistant Group Scout Leader and many leaders of the very busy and active group. It was Cub night and the boys had a BBQ in gardens near by but it was so hot they had to come back to HQ to eat their ice creams. We had taken the Mercury as it had an article about the 1st Bridgwater Scouts  Somerset Jamboree success -they  are linked with 1st Marsa.It brought back memories for the older leaders as competition camping does not happen now in  Malta. The picture (taken by Steve Morgan) shows Pat Morgan showing the article to Mark Catania with the boys and their ice creams.

The Mercury was also seen by many in Marsa and the new Labour leader (see separate email) it was left for a teacher to enjoy reading proper English!