Festa of St Sebastian (Qormi) 15th July 2007.

Festa of St Sebastian (Qormi) 15th July 2007.


Festas are part of every village year, there are 2 in Qormi the other being St George in June. These are the Patron Saints of the 2 churches.

We attended on the Sunday which is the finale day of the week’s celebration. The village is decorated with bunting and pennants and beautiful statues. Bands play a large part in the celebration of their saint as do the most fantastic fireworks which are made on the island. The families are dressed in their finery and after church services on the Sunday evening the Saint is carried from the church with a grand procession around the village. There are street vendors selling nougat, and food and drink, with the sounds of bells ringing, bands playing and fireworks. Hours later with much veneration the saint is returned to his position in the church, the outside of which is ablaze with lights.

This is a yearly event which takes a large amount of arranging and anyone can attend, this has happened in a small beginning since the last years of the Order of St John and started to flourish in the mid-late 19th century when the Band Clubs began to form (when the British were there) It is a social occasion when families gather from all over the island and abroad.

The evening we went there was a local radio station covering the event and I was invited to talk.

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