Feast of the Holy Trinty

Feast of Holy Trinity Marsa 29-30 May 2010


Pat and Steve Morgan decided at the last moment to book a half term holiday to Malta.

When we phoned our friends they were pleased to tell us we will be in Marsa for one of their feasts.

Each church has it own saint or deity and this one is The Holy Trinity (I hope I explain this well enough for the people who live in Malta and those who have not visited yet) each church (as there may be more than one in a town/village) has its feast or fiesta on the saints special day. The streets are decorated with wonderful banners, festoons and lights, statues are on decorated wooden columns in the main streets and the church is ablaze with lights each town having its own colours. Residents decorate their own balconies and windows and inside their homes, rooftops are decorated with lights and many flags decorate the whole town. You can always tell when a feast is due when you see all of these.

We were invited to attend on Saturday evening- parking outside our friend’s house and walking into the area of the church past all the decorations. There were stalls selling typical Maltese food and others selling many types of nougat, fast food and toys for the children as it is for the whole family to enjoy.

 There was a band concert in the square and people were sat outside their homes waiting for the band parades, which ended with lots of celebrations, singing and ticker tape. The band clubs and bars were open and everyone was meeting up with friends and family as everyone tries to come “home” for their feast. After the bands when it got dark there were the ground fireworks which were spectacular and enjoyed by all. The socialising went on long into the night.

We went back on Sunday morning as there was to be another band concert and march but there was torrential rain so had to be postponed and some of the fantastic decorations had to be taken down as they would have been spoilt. It takes many hours of hard work and planning to make it so special and until you become involved with the town you are not aware of this when you are a tourist. After a wonderful lunch cooked by our friends Dad for 12 of us as it is tradition for the family to eat together we walked down to meet people and socialise, we were made to feel so welcome and were able to tell people about the twinning and hand out our web address. Late afternoon and the highlight of the feast- the statue of the Holy Trinity is carried by many men around the town with frequent rest periods as it is extremely heavy as made of wood. The bands play and accompany the procession. There are many steps down from the church so is very hard work- the statue went out in daylight but at the end of the procession it was dark ,there were rooftop fireworks , a special song was beautifully sang to the statue from a balcony and at the band club it was applauded again from the beautifully decorated balcony.. The men then ran up the steps in front of the church carrying the statue. It was then sang to, applauded and turned around to face the huge crowd before going back into the beautifully adorned church with red damask, all the gold and silver on display and flowers. It was placed back on a special stand where it sits during the feast week. The people all crowded back into church where there was a blessing said before everyone left to continue socialising. What a wonderful experience to feel so involved. (See photos)

Some feasts do have air fireworks on Sunday evening but varies with the area.


Reports Photos of the Feast