Bridgwater / Marsa Twinning Association



Rules & Regulations

· The Association will promote, uphold and abide by the principles of Town twinning, as laid down by the European Commission, at all times.


· The Association will work within the context of its ‘Mission Statement’, protect the interests of its key objective and conduct its affairs with probity and transparency at all times.


· The position of Association Presidency will be offered, by invitation, to the Mayor of Bridgwater Town and his/her Councillors will be invited to become members of the Association.


· The Association’s elected (non-salaried) committee will abide by the members’ decision to retain office and re-election of the committee will take place at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) (July)


· The Association will agree to co-opt any individual onto its committee for specific Association activities. Co-opted members will not hold voting rights in decision-making issues.


· The Association’s committee meetings will be held monthly and minutes from all meetings will be recorded and retained for submission / inspections as required.


· All the Association’s meetings will be open to all members and the public. Meeting dates / times and venues can be obtained by contacting the Association’s Secretary.


· Association membership will be open to all persons or organisations who share and support the aims of the Association. The charge for annual membership will be £5 per person and £7.50 per family. (family membership not applicable / under 18 free.)


· The Association reserves the right to excluded any individual, whose activates and actions are deemed to be detrimental to the Association’s purpose.


· The Association will hold a record of members with their agreement to retain personal details. Such details will be securely kept on file by the Association for a minimum of 5 (five) years.


· The Association will retain all correspondence with regard to its activities for a minimum of 5 (five) years.


· The Association will always act in a responsible manner with regard to the management of its financial and operational activates and its accounts will be available for scrutiny by formal application to the Association’s Treasurer.


· The Association will not operate for gain or profit. It will only deduct monies from its funds for expenses incurred for legitimate Association business an on proof of expenditure.


· In the event of the Association ceasing to exist, all monies, held in its account, and after all expense paid, will be donated to a charity/society/group with a likeminded purpose to that of this Association. This is subject to the approval of the members and the matter would be tabled at a regular or interim AGM.


· Committee members, their relatives and employees/associates of any promotional Association activity venue are prohibited from participation and gaining any benefit (in cash or kind) from events, which are organised by the Association.


· The Association will act within the boundaries of the Town-twinning philosophy and strictly conform to the current requirements on, and any changes in, the European Commission Policy on European Town Twinning.


· The Association’s committee will review its terms of reference and Rules and Regulations annually, subject to the approval of its members. It reserves the right to amend any part of the said Rules and Regulations to meet the criteria of its purpose, without prior notice to its members.


The Constitution has been approved by the Association’s committee and is subject to amendment and changes as the terms and conditions of the Associations’ activities demand.