Carnival Visit 2009

Visitors from Malta for carnival


The Assistant Group Scout Leader from Marsa Mark Catania, his wife Moira and their daughters Rebecca and Martina arrived in Bridgwater on Thursday 5th November 2009 in plenty of time to see the firework display on Fairfield sponsored by Bridgwater Town Council, it was different from the fireworks that are made in Malta and used at all the village feast’s, they were glad there were not the very load explosions. The Bridgwater-Marsa Twinning Association members, our Maltese guests and members of the Scouting movement in Bridgwater were invited back to the Mayors Parlour where we were entertained by the Mayor and Mayoress Ken and Margo Richards, who have been to Malta several times and were involved in the Twinning Signing in 2006. Mark presented gifts to the Mayor including a 1st Marsa group scarf. He also presented gifts to the 1st Bridgwater (St Georges) Wembdon leaders as the two groups are linked. (See Scouts only page)


On carnival day Friday 6th November 2009 the family were shown around the town where shopping was enjoyed and a visit to St Mary’s church where the tower was open and a good view of the town was enjoyed. The bells and the computer showing and sounding the bells were very interesting. In the afternoon they were taken to see a scout camp site near Taunton which Wembdon Scouts use regularly- They all were very impressed as the camping here is very different to that in Malta (as with all Scout Leaders families they are very involved, also Rebecca is a Guide as girls involved in scouting is not so prevalent as in the UK) and Mark has taking many photo’s and film to show the troop and leaders at home. In the evening of course we attended the carnival and Squibbing, again it was different to the carnival in Valletta and they were very impressed- the girls loved throwing the money into the collecting carts and putting into the collecting tins!


On Saturday visits were made to Glastonbury, Wells and Cheddar and in the evening a social get together was held in a member’s home with members and scout leaders from Wembdon which was a chance to exchange lots of information and learn about each others life and leisure (that is what Twinning is all about)


On Sunday they were taken by an association member to Mass at St Joseph’s and afterwards joined in the Armistice Day service at King Square – in Malta the scouts are involved and Mark was surprised there were none at our ceremony but was very impressed none the less. A visit to Brean Down in the afternoon completed the visit as they left in the early hours of Monday to return home.


They had spent a few days in London before coming to Bridgwater; this was their first visit to England; Bridgwater and Somerset they felt was much nicer than London!! The girls told their Mum they wanted to stay even though it was colder than at home!t is interesting as we locals can be derogatory about our town. We hope to see them again in the future.


Photographs taken by Tricia Brown and Steve Morgan


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