Carnival 2012

                         Bridgwater Carnival 2012.


Bridgwater carnival for the first time in its history of over 100 years was held on a Saturday. The tradition has been going since the Gunpowder Plot of 1605.


This year we had 7 Maltese friends to stay to see the carnival, a first for the whole family. Dominic Spencer a Marsa councillor and his family and his wife’s parents really enjoyed their visit to Somerset where they watched the Firework display on Friday night before the carnival and were impressed by the display which was a surprise as the Maltese fireworks during the many feasts are spectacular.


Saturday was busy as the town centre was closed and a huge amount of entertainment was put on around the different areas, in the parish church, the Arts Centre and the shopping precinct.


The procession was really impressive and a new route which seemed to make the 2-3 hour long wonderful display of carts, bands walking   entries and emergency and advertising vehicles go by quickly. We then did not have too long to wait for the Squibbing which is unique to Bridgwater.


              To see the wonder of our carnival go to and enjoy, or click the link:


Bridgwater-Carnival Bridgwater-Carnival Bridgwater-Carnival