10th Annversary of the Bridgwater Marsa Twinning Association


Good afternoon and thank you for joining us in the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Bridgwater-Marsa Twinning Association which we will commemorate with the planting of a plant only found in Malta.


I am Mike Grabner, the current chair of this association and I would like to express my gratitude to the people and organisations which have helped us along the way.

Before I do this, I like to congratulate everyone who made the Twinning Conference and the evening at the Art Centre a tremendous success.


I must mention the delightful surprise of the too fleeting visit of our friend, Mr Francis De Bono the Mayor of Marsa, who honoured us with his presence to commemorate this milestone in our town twinning history on Saturday evening.


He managed to take time out from his very busy schedule to fly in that day and left again yesterday afternoon. I think this truly demonstrates to us all just how committed he, his council and people of Marsa are, in ensuring that this town twinning agreement, its ethos and practical aspects are perpetuated in all that is good about twinned town friendships and co-operation. Long may it last.


Firstly, on behalf of our members, I like to thank the management and ground staff of the Walled Garden for their hospitality and making this occasion possible.

I ask a Walled Garden representative to come forward for Pat and Steve Morgan to present her/him with a small token of mementos of Malta in recognition of this event.

My thanks go to Joseph Abela, our Vice Chair, who has nurtured this plant with great dedication and care. He has worked very hard to make this a possibility and is due to him that we are able to be here today. APPLAUSE.


I also thank the association members, its committee and especially Pat Morgan, our secretary, who has worked tirelessly to arrange today’s occasion.


I must also give our thanks to our Association Treasurer Steve Morgan, who keeps a watchful eye over our accounts and is always ready to suggest innovative ways in which we could increase our membership and broaden our profile to the wider community.


Our thanks must also go to Steve Gill, the founder and first chair of our association, whose inspiration, aspirations and determination made us where we are in 2016.


I like to thank our Town Mayor Leigh, the Bridgwater Town Council and past Mayors, some who are here today, also our Town Clerk Alan and his staff, who have supported us financially and given us the encouragement to succeed.


Our thanks also go to Councillor Brian Smedley, so multi-talented as we saw and heard on Saturday evening, for enabling us to be part of the Bridgwater Town Twinning fraternity and benefitting from his and other twinning groups expertise


I ask Marsa Councillor Dominic Spencer, who will do the honour of the planting, to convey, ONCE AGAIN, our thanks to Mayor Francis De Bono and his council for making this town twinning possible, commemorating Bridgwater in various ways in Marsa and for being the perfect host whenever a civic or private twinning visit has been made to his town and Malta.


I would also like to thank Dominic and his family for taking the time out to join us in these celebrations and invite him to say a few words and then proceed with the planting.


                                                            Thank you

Mike Grabner (Chairman of Association) Speach at the planting ceremony, Cannington Walled Gaurdnes.

25th April 2016