Wednesday 30th July AT 20.00HRS

50, St Matthews Green, Bridgwater TA6 3RP


Present-Tricia Brown, Colin Brown, Steve Gill, Joseph Abela, Pat Morgan, Steve Morgan.


Apologies-Barbara and Gordon Taylor.


Minutes from last meeting- all received and agreed


Matters Arising- PM reported she had sent a letter to Doug Robson President of Bridgwater Carnival   requesting information how Bridgwater carnival is linked with Malta’s Carnival, but had not received a reply.CB and TB had seen articles in the Mercury about him and would try and contact him. PM had sent a letter to the head of Penrose School (who has now retired) to thank her for the use of the school hall for the Quiz night.


Report from Chair- Steve, Joan and the children had recently had a holiday in Malta staying with JG’ family in Siggiewi where they attended the village feast and her brothers wedding. A very busy 2 weeks for them but they were able to meet with Francis Debono (Mayor) and Dominic Spencer (councillor) and their families from Marsa. Unfortunately they were unable to meet Joseph Muscat our Maltese Vice President and now the new leader of the Labour Party in Malta. As SG now has his Scout Leader Warrant he spoke to FD about the Cub Group of the 14th Bridgwater linking with the 1st Marsa cubs.SG and JG are restarting a Maltese after school club at Westover Green School, Class 5 from the school will be linking up with a class at Theresa Nuzzo School in Marsa. TB will investigate if the same could happen at St Georges School. Extra information was discussed and JA offered a Malta Tourist Board DVD and TB will see if it is possible to make a copy for use in school. SG will also contact Victor at MTB in London for more information that could be used to advertise the Association at the Wembdon Village Day on August Bank Holiday Monday. When in Malta the Gill family attended the Trade Fair and spoke to people on the EU stand who explained to obtain finance from the EU Malta council will need to go through their country and we will need to use our council.


Correspondence- PM explained we had an enquiry via the website from a Mr Ron Bridgwater in Ontario, Canada whose family came from England and his wife from Marsa. He wondered why there was an e in the town seal and that his wife was baptised in Holy Trinity Church Marsa and was confirmed there. I was able to reply and give him information that he was very pleased to receive.


The association has had an invite from the Mayor and Mayoress Graham and Kay Granter for 2 members to attend the Civic Service at St Mary’s church on Sunday August 17th at 11.15 am. SG and JG will attend.


Report from Secretary- PM and SM had returned from Malta the day before. They had had a very enjoyable and busy 2 weeks. They met Scout leader Mark Catania and his wife, visited Scout HQ and met leaders, the cubs had just had a BBQ and photos were taken for the Mercury showing the article about 1st Bridgwater’s success at the Somerset County Jamboree  which brought back memories for the older leaders of competition camping which does not happen in Malta now. Some members are coming to Oxfordshire to camp in August. PM also mentioned re Cubs linking up. They met up with Francis Debono and family many times and Dominic Spencer and his family and both sets of their parents several times which helped them learn much more about normal life in Malta. They were also invited to meet Joseph Muscat VP who was holding a Labour Rally as he has been visiting different areas to meet people since his election.PM and SM were introduced while waiting to his wife and young family and several MP’s .Many photo’s were taken and will be submitted to the Mercury.JM was asked if he would like to continue as a VP as he will be leaving the EU Parliament and he said he would.SG suggested that we ask our Council if they would consider an official invitation to JM to visit Bridgwater. FD gave PM a document that had been given to him by JM (who is a friend) re accessing EU funding. Marsa council are employing a company to find out ways of accessing grants on a no win no fee commission. We need to study the document and then make an appointment with our Town Clerk to discuss it as we are half way through the time before review of Twinning document. TB suggested we need a like minded group in Marsa and JA wondered if we send a letter to the Times of Malta to see if there would be a response.FD had asked PM if she would be prepared to attend a n open meeting in Marsa to meet people of the town to discuss Twinning in October when PM and SM go next- she agreed.SM mentioned to FD re Cubs linking and he will follow up. It was discussed re youth /young people sport’s group/clubs who may be interested in linking as Marsa has golf (CB suggested that Alan Hurford-Town Clerk has links for this) tennis, cricket and football as there are many in the town.

FD has also said he would like to donate a tree to the town.PM explained we would approach our council. TB offered a Walnut tree as she has several. It was discussed where might be appropriate for it to be planted  ? a school that is involved or perhaps Victoria Park Community Centre as they are looked for plants. It needs to be where many people can see it.


Treasurer report- DP had seen SG and resigned the post due to other commitments. The Association thanked him for all his previous work. He will remain a member. A new treasurer is required.TB proposed SM who agreed and was 2nd by SG. The bank account will need to have names changed. It was proposed by SM that there were 3 names as signatures and there should be any 2 from 3 signatures on a cheque.CB agreed to be the 3rd person with SG as Chair and SM as treasurer. Forms to be completed and taken to bank with all 3 people and documentation-SM will organise.


Update from Membership secretary- TB has nothing to report.


AOB- SG proposed a Thank you to TB for all the hard work that made the Quiz night a success.SM explained there was total income of £126 but after expenses and float removed a profit of £89.20p banked.SM thought it would be a good event to repeat perhaps nearer Christmas.

TB wondered if we could explore having a meeting or a forum with the other Twinning groups in the town. It was thought to be a good idea.

CB reported that the Marsa sign on the Taunton road approach is not straight and would love to straighten it!

PM wondered as Sue Neal has retired as Head Teacher from Penrose School if the new head would allow us to use the school.TB does not know the name of the new head but as TB is a regular volunteer she will find out when school starts again in September and approach? her about the AGM which will need to be held next term.

PM will let DS and family in Malta know about the fire on Weston Pier as we had taken them there on their recent visit.

PM handed out Photos to members from the Maltese visit in August and March.

TB has organised a place for us at the Wembdon Village day on Monday 25th August- Jackie Hubbard will be the contact as TB and CB will be away.SG will find out price of balloons to see if viable to advertise us.

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