Monday 28th February 2006 18:30 hours

The Cross Rifles, 1 Bath Road, Bridgwater, TA6 4PH


Present: Steve Gill, Pat Morgan, Tricia Brown, Colin Brown, Dave Perrin, Mike Grabner, Marion Maddison, Ivana Hodgkinson, Steve Morgan, Joseph Abela


Apologies: Di Grabner, Joan Gill


Guests: John and Julie Lucey, Viv Streeter (BIBIC)


Minutes from last meeting; Received by all and agreed.


Matters arising: CB has secured a place for a Marsa Council representative at the Squibbing procession following this year’s carnival. MG has the contact details.


Fundraising-Race Night: JL and JL were introduced by DP and gave the members a comprehensive outline of how to hold this function. It involves an outlay of approx £300 and requires the securing of sponsorship for each of the 7/8 races (@ £25), selling advertising space in the race programme (£25-75), naming individual horses (@£2)and securing corporate guest attendance and the provision of wine, champagne and light refreshments. It takes 2 months of hard work and dedicated lobbying of local businesses to ensure sponsorship of all races and commercial success of the production of the race programme. JL circulated a sample programme used on a previous race night. He agreed to assist us in the preparation process if the Association agrees to the donation to the football club. JL also is willing to have 3 members of the said club to assist in the running of the event on the night. He and JL answered questions and queries ( graphic outlay of advertising space, process of betting, advertising the event, raising donated goods) and the members agreed to hold a race night on Saturday 3rd June 2006 at the Cross Rifles. All agreed to be involved but it was decided to have a small sub committee whose members would focus on bringing this to a successful conclusion.  ALL


Update from the Chair: SG introduced VS (BIBIC) and asked her what the Association can do to effectively work with BIBIC. VS stated that her organisation receives children at their centre for treatment and these are always accompanied by their parents. BIBIC has sent therapists to Malta and links between BIBIC and Malta Schools have been established. VH added greater detail on this matter. VS proposed the consideration by the members to sponsor a child/parent for treatment at BIBIC and support them in some way during their stay in the locality. Funding may be accessed via the terms and conditions of town twinning and the EU budget steam on education, health/ child development. CB and TB are visiting Malta next week and are prepared to take any relevant information and deliver it. VS was asked if BIBIC would become a corporate member of the Association and she agreed to put this proposal to her management team. SG, MG and VS agreed to meet in the near future to discuss ways and means of accessing funding streams.                                                                              SG/MG


Update from Vice Chair: PM reported that the Scouts Information pack is ready and CB and TB agreed to deliver it to Malta. She had a discussion with Kevin Lynham regarding the use of the skittle trophies and following discussions on a wider level, it has been agreed to allocate the cups to the Bridgwater LVA Skittle League (2) and 2 to the Bridgwater Ladies Skittle League for this season. All agreed that this reflects the appropriateness of the trophies and the sporting/leisure link with Marsa.


Update from the Secretary: MG reported his contact with the artist of the WER R U project and asked the members to consider the Association’s involvement in the face of negative feedback from BTC. Discussions around its purpose, proposed location and direct benefit to the association were the main topics. The members voted 9 to 1 AGAINST any involvement with this project. MG to communicate this to the artist.                                                      MG


MG stated that ‘andy’, creator of a Bridgwater website, has asked if he could establish a link with our site and all agreed to this. MG to advise ‘andy’.                                                   MG


Update from the Treasurer: James (Association webmaster) submitted the annual subscription (£27) for our website which has been paid. DP declared the Association fund to be £553.07p (bank account) and £20.88p (cash).

He agreed to distribute sample copies of the Race night programme to all member when JL provides them.  DP


Update from the Membership Secretary: MM stated that she did not receive any feedback from Gary and Helen and had nothing further to report.


Update from the Press Officer: PM had nothing to report.


Any other business: CB provided details of a place at the squibbing (mention earlier). A photo of the person at the event would be very desirable and for inclusion in the Association archives. He also asked about details of the association website and enquired as to the possibility of a web linkage with BIBIC. MG and SG to discuss this when they meet with a BIBIC representative.                                                                                                  MG/SG

SG proposed the cancellation of the Maltese fest night in preference to concentrating on the Race Night. All agreed


MG asked JA if Pontins would consider becoming a corporate member of the Association. JA said he would be willing to make the necessary approaches but would require some official request to support this. MG to arrange (need a contact name/address).                             MG



Date/time/venue of next meeting:

Tuesday 11th April 2006 18:30 hours

The Cross Rifles, 1 Bath Road, Bridgwater, TA6 4PH


Agenda Item: Race Night/forming the working group