Minutes 27-04-2010

Minutes of meeting 27th April 2010

Held at 50, St Matthews Green

Present- Councillor (The Mayor) Mr Ken Richards, Mike Grabner, Joseph Abela, Tricia Brown, Barbara and Gordon Taylor, Steve and Pat Morgan, Steve Gill, and a welcome to new members Shirley Smith and Helmi Holder- Wolff.

Apologies- Di Grabner, Lorna Walker and James Morgan (Scout night) Phillip Smeed and Brendon Nicholls

Chairman’s report- Steve Gill explained the Hamp Fun Day was happening on Saturday 8 th May and we could have a stand to promote the Association and we can use our new banner. PM and SM have information than can be handed out that was not used last August.SG also had leaflets .We have a Face book page that has many members.

Secretary report-We have had an invitation from the Marsa council that came from the Maltese government (via our Town Clerk) to attend a twinning conference in Malta in November. There is no exact date as Marsa’s executive secretary Adrian Attard is waiting to hear from his government. The invitation extended to taking groups of people i.e. musicians, artists, youth groups etc. Brendon Nicholls expressed an interest in attending.

As there is no date we need more information to be able to book time off work and also to explore people who would be able to go. ? Blake museum (to take historical artefacts) as part owned by BTC. The Jay Singers.? Football teams- Shirley had been in contact with Debbie and Kevin Parsons who run Rhode lane Wanderers who have a wide age range of youth players.  SS also knows of an accordion band in Bridgwater and will try and contact them. SG will see Debbie and Kevin this week as already in contact with them .Apparently they would also be interested in joining the Association. It was pointed out that this year all membership is free. There will have to be a lot of investigation for this to happen. We are waiting to hear back from Marsa. PM expressed her praise to JA which was seconded by TB for the very good talk he gave to the Bridgwater/ Homberg twinning meeting on April 13th.It was very enjoyable and very interesting which was shown by the number of questions  asked after. Photo’s taken had been put onto Face book site and website- number of hits to date 34,775.

KR explained he had been having trouble with his email as had the Taylors.

Treasurer update - no change in amount from AGM of £1,279-15. Because balance so healthy this was why they are no fees to pay this year.

Membership secretary- no new members until this evening so details taken of 2 new ladies.

Any other business- ‘# had attended a twinning skittle evening which had been mentioned at the Homberg meeting ( which we did not know about ) and had made several contacts and he would like to organise a visit of people who are interested in going to Malta and he already has 8 people interested. 26th of July is one of the Marsa Feasts and thought a good time to go. When it is arranged (he has contacts there and will investigate and price things) it will be a good time to promote us through pictures and newspaper articles (our new members had seen our meeting advertised in the Bridgwater Times) JA would also get newspaper coverage in Malta. TB suggested that if the people did not belong to the association it would be a good idea to have a meeting for them to meet us and become members (as it is free) Also if they are representing us they would need polo shirts and need time as the firm that does them for us fits printing between large orders so may take time to arrange. . JA explained there was a very strong history group in Marsa – many are older and not able to use the internet but would be wonderful to meet as they have a wealth of information to share. PM explained that we had tried to help our Civic Society to be in contact but had failed. It was thought that personal contact may be better.

MG discussed the Regatta that is held on 5th September each year as we had presented a trophy to Marsa to be used each year and it had been mentioned previously that it may be an idea if someone could attend.SM wondered if a visit to Pauls bar might be an option for JA visit but unsure if it would be appropriate.MG said that the trophy had been kept there in the past. When he had visited with Dave Perrin to plant Palm Tree they had been there and were made welcome.  Perhaps we ask Marsa what the trophy is used for.KR was asked if anyone from the council would like to visit he suggested we contact the council.


Next meeting Monday 24th May 20.00 hrs (8pm) at Bridgwater Squib, West Street in the Skittle Alley .

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