Monday 25th June 2007 19:30 hours

31, Bath Road, Bridgwater, TA6 4PH


Present: Joseph Abela, Steve Morgan, Pat Morgan, Marion Maddison, Mike Grabner

In attendance: Cllr. P Smeed (Town Mayor-Association President)

Apologies: James Morgan, Dave Perrin, Colin Brown, Tricia Brown, Di Grabner, Joan Gill, Steve Gill

PM chairing the meeting in SG’s absence.

Minutes from the last meeting: Received and agreed by all.

Matters arising: TB made contact with the Head of St. George’s Primary School (Wembdon) but no response as yet. TB asked MM to retain all Membership Secretary  paperwork to for the time being. MM agreed. PS informed the meeting that Alan Hurford is waiting for a response from Somerset County Council with regard to the inclusion of the Marsa name in the town boundary signage. PM stated that SG may have an entertainment solution at a potential cost of £750.00. JA advised the meeting that he had another performer in mind and that the Malta Tourist Board (in Malta) may offer practical assistance. He has the contact e-mail address. SM stated that he and PM will be in Malta in two weeks and could make direct contact with the Tourist Board.                                                     PM/SM                                        

MG reminded the meeting of the association’s limited funds and duplication of effort by members to source the entertainment for the evening.

Update from the Vice Chair/Press Secretary: PM had two Association activity items published in the Bridgwater Mercury  and an account (with photo) of the presentation by her and SG of the Marsa Council trophy cups to the skittle teams. She stated that the hits on our Association web has exceeded 500. PM read out an e-mail from the St John’s Ambulance Commissioner expressing their interest. PS proposed that an information pack/enrolment details should be forwarded to them.                          MM                                                              

PM asked if Dr Cattermole has responded to MG’s letter. As this has not happened, PS, who chairs the group, will chase this up. PS also raised the matter of our website not linked with the Bridgwater Town web and to ask for inclusion.                                                                                                       PM/JM

PM informed the meeting that four Scouts from Bridgwater have been selected to attend the jamboree and she and SM will take a diary of this event to Marsa. PM received an e-mail from Adrian Attard  (Executive Secretary-Marsa Town Council) advising her that the Marsa Town Mayor, Mr Francis Debono, his family and Cllr Rose Dalli will visit Bridgwater 14th -17th August 2007. PM to reply.      PM                                                                                            

PS regrets that he will be unavailable at that time but wishes to lay on a small reception in their honour. MG to formally write to AH (Town Clerk) to request this.                                                                MG

Update from the Secretary: MG wrote to the Malta High Commissioner, Mr. Ian Liddell-Grainger MP and the Town Mayor (and his Councillors), inviting them to the Maltese Evening. Mr Liddell-Grainger has formally accepted the invitation, Cllr PS is unavailable on that date and MG is still awaiting a response from the High Commissioner. MG also contacted Air Malta for a donation to the raffle but no reply as yet. MG read out the Mayor’s invitations to the sponsored cricket match (PM/SM agreed to attend) and the Mayoral church service (SG to be asked to represent). PM and SG to reply.        PM/SG                                                          

Update from the Treasurer: MG read out the brief financial update provided by DP. Bank account: £1209.14p, cash: £37.37p. DP asked MG to state that he is still trying to source a suitable and affordable music act for the evening. PS proposed the exploration of linkage with a likeminded organisation, which may wish to become involved and share the costs. SM to ask SG.                 SM/SG                                                                                                                          

Update from the Membership Secretary: MM to forward all paperwork to TB.                     MM/TB

Maltese Evening: The progress and planning was summarised as: venue booked and paid for, catering: SM/SG/JG/MM and other members, entertainment: no firm decisions on who and cost, ticket price: not decided, ticket printing: ask TB, advertising/promoting the event: no clear strategy apart from newspaper items, gaming licence: no clear decision. MG had a brief telephone conversation with SG regarding the outstanding issues and a further meeting to discuss the Maltese Evening planning was agreed for 3rd July 2007, 20:00 hours at 31, Camden Road, Bridgwater, c/o PM and SM when the date/time/venue of the next meeting would be set.

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