Minutes 24-05-2010


24TH MAY 2010

Held at The Bridgwater Squibb, West Street, Bridgwater. 


Pat Morgan welcomed all and explained she was chairing the meeting as our chairman Steve Gill had to attend an emergency meeting in an area that he represents in Somerset County Council.

Apologies- Steve Gill, Di Grabner, James Morgan, Barbara and Gordon Taylor.

Present-Pat and Steve Morgan Tricia Brown, Joseph Abela, Shirley Smith, Helmi Holder –Wolff and Ken Richards New members are The Stubbs family Tim (Roux) Kayleigh, Shirelle and Jasmine. Margaret Evans and Catherine Rolfe.

Chair, Secretary and Correspondence report-PM explained she and SM had attended the Mayors reception on 14th May which was very enjoyable as they had met up with past mayors involved in the twinning and others who had visited Malta with them when the signing took place. SG and his family attended in his County Councillor position.PM has sent a thank you letter to our new mayor Bill Monteith (who signed the first part of the Twinning Agreement in Bridgwater) She has also invited him to be our president for the year of his office.

The Fun day at Hamp despite awfully cold weather had been successful as our banner was displayed and information about Malta was available along with a huge amount of information about the European Union which SG has obtained and he and Joan and the family manned the stall.

PM has emailed the council in Marsa twice as the council and association are asking about a date for the Twinning Conference in Malta as there will be a great deal of organising to make it possible. Early November is also Bridgwater carnival. She got a reply this morning to say they still have not heard a date.PM also asked about the date of the Regatta as if it had been the 5th PM and SM would have gone but this year it is Wednesday 8th and SM will be back at school.

PM and SM are going to Malta (booked today!)On Friday and have been in contact with friends there. It is also the feast of Holy Trinity so are really looking forward to meeting the people of Marsa and being involved.

Joseph Abela explained about the trip he is planning to Malta on 23rd July to August 4th 2010.We had photographs taken and he asked PM to put them on the internet, Face book and to various newspapers, PM explained as James is the webmaster and has bought his first house it may take some time. JA will take care of Malta newspapers.

There will be a party of 8 at the moment which can be increased. The flight is with Ryan Air and they will be staying at the Mavina in Bugibba.He was pleased to hear PM and SM will be visiting and has asked them to contact the Mayor Francis Debono, the hotel and the Culture movement.

JA will visit them at home with all the necessary information. He has been able to arrange it with the help of other people going on the trip and has kept the cost very reasonable. JA asked if the association could help fund some transport to the airport.PM has spoken to SG who said Hamp Association had a minibus but TB who drives mini buses and said it would be cramped with luggage as well. She suggested the Sedgemoor community Bus which she uses to take older members of Wembdon shopping. TB gave PM the contact number.

Treasurer report- SM said no change £1,279.15. He handed the accounts around so our new members could see.

Membership Secretary- TB asked if the people going to Malta would like to join the Association as they would be representing us. She handed out the forms to fill in. She also suggested that they had polo shirts and explained that they are made between big orders at the firm. The offers were taken up. She will compile a new members list and send it out.

Any other business-PM told the group about the website.SS asked if there was a like minded group in Marsa- TB explained that there is not but JA is hoping that the trip will help. KS asked where they would need to wear the shirts- JA explained for the more formal occasions i.e. Meeting the mayor, PM said he has his own shirt, maybe when meeting the cultural movement. JA suggested we had another meeting so PM and SM can feed back information. Helmi thanked JA and Roux for all the work they have put in. She has also offered to speak to as many people as possible about the trip.

The evening ended with a general question and answer session.


Next meeting Monday 21st June at 8pm.

At the Bridgwater Squibb, West Street.


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