Minutes 21-6-2010


Minutes of Meeting Monday 21st June 20.00 hrs

Held at the Bridgwater Squibb, West Street Bridgwater


Apologies- Steve Gill and James Morgan

Present- Pat and Steve Morgan, Tricia Brown, Barbara and Gordon Taylor, Joseph Abela, Shirley Smith, Helmi Holder Wolff, Margaret Evans, Cat Rolfe, Kayleigh and Tim Stubbs (Rou)

Pat Morgan took the chair and explained that Steve Gill was unwell and unable attend. Good wishes were sent to him and hope he makes a good recovery.

Minutes of last meeting – All had received and agreed. SS explained that the couple who run Rhode Lane Wanderers football team were unable to attend.

Correspondence- PM reported that she had had an email from the Marsa council explaining and they had sent the emails between them and their government and as yet no date had been given to Marsa for the International Twinning Conference in Malta. Pat had explained to the Mayor when she was in Marsa that it will take time to arrange and she has been asked by many people including many from Bridgwater council when the date is. She had sent Thank you letters and emails to our Mayor for the Mayor making and to the Marsa Historical and Cultural Society and the many friends there who made their visit so enjoyable. She has sent press releases to the Bridgwater Times and the Mercury with pictures of the group going to Malta in July. This they all had seen and were pleased with. She has also sent to the Mercury a picture of the family and herself going to the feast with the Mercury for The Mercury Around the World section ( as yet not published ) also a piece about their visit and a picture with the Marsa Historical members as she presented books about Bridgwater ( as yet not published )

She will also send in a piece about the presentation she made to the Bridgwater Town Ladies Skittle League of the 3 Marsa Cups which are given annually.

The Association has received an invitation from our Mayor and President to The Armed Forces Day Service at St Mary’s Church on Saturday 26th June - 9 members hoped to go.

2 members have been invited to The Mayors Civic Service on July 18th –PM and SM would like to attend. There is a Celebration after for the opening of the renovated Town Hall where streets will be closed with entertainment and stalls for clubs, societies etc.  HHW and CR expressed interest and we will book a stall to promote our association. The person and number to contact were given.

Secretary report-PM had been investigating prices for a minibus to take group to and from airport in July. She had 2 prices from people that TB had suggested 1. For £199.02 and 2. £175. CR phoned a friend who could do it for £120.PM will contact him and arrange. JA would like a back up car to be present when they leave in case bus not big enough-SM will do.

PM then told the group with the help of SM about their recent week in Malta. They were greeted at the Airport by the Mayor Francis Debono and his wife and Dominic Spencer ( councillor )and his wife. They had been to the aparthotel that the group would be staying, met the manager and were shown around and SM took photos. They also asked for transport from the airport for the group. TB was concerned that the entire group had their own Travel Insurance and was assured that they had.

They visited a friend of JA who has an Indian Restaurant which they were disappointed as they had no free time to go for a meal there. They spent 2 days in Marsa as it was the Feast of the Holy Trinity and were entertained as part of the family by Dominic and Claudette Spencer and their parents. Many photos were taken. They had a busy time visiting the school taking letters from Wembdon School and meeting the new Head Teacher, visiting the Scout HQ and meeting cubs, new leaders and old friend Joe Galea and Scouts practising their Bagpipes. Marsa Mayor Francis Debono took them to meet the Marsa Historical and Cultural Society at their meeting where PM presented books about Bridgwater to the Mayor and President of the Society.  They spent many hours with their friends and were entertained so well. As they left Malta Francis gave them a book from the society. All the photo’s and reports are on our website and Facebook page.

Treasurer’s report- SM explained there was no change in total at the moment but would need cheques signing by SG so bills could be paid- he will contact SG.

Membership secretary- TB handed out all the polo shirts that had been ordered. She had sent out list of members but there was some alterations needed so will do again and send out by email.

Report from Joseph Abela re visit- JA The flight out leaves Bristol on 23rd July at 4.30 pm and arrives in Malta at 20.50 hours their time  and wonders if they will be greeted by our twin town.SM explained the long walk to the plane in Bristol and suggested that assistance may be asked for ME .JA will arrange. PM will let him have name and tel no of minibus driver. SS has offered to take her Town Crier Ladies outfit to represent us and she explained that she is fully insured.

JA feels another meeting with the group would be necessary to make an itinerary- planned for Monday 12th July 10.30 at The Stubbs residence.

AOB- PM brought her lap top and showed photos taken on recent trip and they had also brought back many leaflets of attractions to visit. A general discussion followed when much advice was sought and given.


Date, Time and Place of next meeting- Bridgwater Squibb, Skittle Alley Saturday 18th September 7.30hrs. For an informal Skittle evening please bring a plate of food.

PS we will need a sticker up – any ideas? If not the Landlady can provide one