Minutes 21-01-2008



Monday 21st January 2008

50,St Matthews Green, Bridgwater TA6 3RP


Present-Steve Gill, Steve Morgan, Pat Morgan, Joseph Abela Tricia Brown, Colin Brown and Dave Perrin.

Apologies-Mike and Di Grabner, Philip Smeed, Marion Maddison, Lorna Walker, James Morgan, Barbara and Gordon Taylor.

Report from Chair-SG has been doing a lot of research and has found a Town Twinning website that we are now linked to via our website-address See also link to Maltese television.

SG has found that funding has changed and will send us a copy of document. He has had some contact with schools. With a new head teacher at Westover Green school who is interested.

A local fundraiser Roger Collect has asked if we would like to have a stall to promote the Association at a function he is organising on the 8th June 2008 from lunchtime to late afternoon/evening at??? The Boat and Anchor called?? Boaters and Friends-to be confirmed.

SG has approached local MEP’s to see if they would be interested in becoming Vice Presidents of the Association. Unfortunately Neil Parish will be standing down next year but Carolyn Jackson MEP for the South West and Joseph Muscat in Malta (who knows Francis Debono) are interested and could help us and promote us in Europe. SG will now formally invite them. He is also investigating the EU website.

Correspondence and Secretary report-Christmas cards that had been sent to the association were shown from our Mayor and Mayoress Philip and Ute Smeed and from Dominic Spencer Deputy Mayor and his family in Marsa. Also photo’s sent from the Debono family that were taken on their visit here in August.

We had an official invite from Bridgwater Town Council to join the Mayor in recognition of our good works. PM has been in contact and it is arranged at the Mayor’s Parlour on Monday 4th February at 19.30 hrs.

PM had email to announce the birth of a daughter Shania on 21st November to Dominic and Claudette Spencer and Nigel.

PM has also acted between Marsa Scouts and Lorna Walker and James Morgan of Wembdon Scouts and they each have the others postal and email addresses. PM

 has also sent photo’s taken by SM out to them.

The Press release that PM sent to the Mercury on 11/11/2007 re the successful visit she and SM made to Malta at half term was not put into the paper then PM had resubmitted the article which was published on the 18th December- they had had trouble with lost emails.

PM contacted Annalisa Debono in Marsa who goes to the University of Malta to see if she knew of a section of the university that taught journalism- to follow up on the thought of  offering a work experience student from that department a chance to come to Bridgwater .She replied that she was unaware of one but would try and find out if she gets time..PM gets the Times of Malta emailed each day and found the student paper and has emailed them.

PM had email from Philip Smeed who had discussed a joint twinning celebration with the Homburg association who were interested.

New Year Wishes were sent from our President Mayor Philip Smeed.

On 21/01/2008 we have had 7012 hits on our website with 30+ hits a day ,so it cannot be just us !

We have also had a reply from the town twinning site from Kettering who felt we were doing very well for a new association after looking at our website, but are there if we need any advice.

Treasure report- DP reported £890-68 in bank and £6-58 in cash.

DP felt we needed some fund raising projects-suggest we bring ideas to next meeting. SM suggested we make use of our licence to sell raffle tickets. It was discussed  to explore a joint event with other associations.

Membership secretary report- TB is pleased to announce two new members Barbara and Gordon Taylor who are away tonight but look forward to meeting us at the Mayor’s Parlour.

Marsa Way and Marsa road sign. PM has been in contact with Barratt’s –in writing and phone calls to see if they would be interested in taking part when we celebrate the naming of the road but have had no response. Last week Alan Hurford has been in contact with the council and is pleased to tell us that the Marsa Way road sign and Marsa being added to the “Welcome to Bridgwater “ signs will be happening soon.

When the sign is in place PM will organise the time and date with our Mayor, members of the association and press coverage.

Future Plans-TB will find out if it would be possible to have a regular piece in the “Your Bridgwater” publication .

Fund raising.

To follow up with the idea of work experience exchange-to contact Adrian in Marsa to see if he has any contacts. SG will contact Bridgwater College to find out if they have students following this career pathway. It was felt it must be Bridgwater and Marsa students that are involved. It was also discussed about nurses exchanging but PM felt that the problems at the moment at the hospital with jobs it might not be suitable at the moment.

SG has emailed both the Enmore Golf Club and the Royal Malta Golf Club.TB is a member and has spoken about it there.

JA felt we need to have groups ,clubs, societies in Bridgwater who may be interested in linking with Marsa to write to us and then when someone visits they can take it out to Marsa.It was suggested that PM will draft a letter to the Press.

We need to talk to the Mercury about doing a large piece about Marsa as PM had discussed it with the Mayor of Marsa Mr Francis Debono as he is the photographer for their website and has given permission to use his photo’s.

DP will talk to the Legion Club re an informal evening to find new members.



Next Meeting


Wednesday 27th February at 20.00hrs.


30, Wembdon Hill, Bridgwater TA6 7PX

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