Monday 19th March 2007, 19:30 hours

31, Camden Road, Bridgwater, TA6 3HB


Present: Pat Morgan, Steve Morgan, Steve Gill, Colin Brown, Tricia Brown, Mike Grabner, Joseph Abela.

In attendance: James Morgan.

Apologies: Ivana Hodgkinson, Marion Maddison, Dave Perrin, Joan Gill, Di Grabner.

Minutes from the last meeting: Agreed and received by all. MG apologised for some very basic typos.

Matters arising: TB explained the reason for the omission of her article in the ‘Your Bridgwater’ publication. MG updated the meeting on his responses from Alan Hurford on a) approach to the EU b) a football match between Bridgwater and Marsa Town teams and c) inability to contact St John’s Ambulance HQ. Point a) JA stressed the need to pursue this with AH, point b) MG learnt that Raymond Bonnici resigned from his role with Marsa Town FC, CB informed the meeting of possible FA affiliation legal issues and discussion took place around JA’s attendance at the Bridgwater Town FC’s match on 3/03/2007 at the Mayor’s invitation. (See Update from the Chair). Point c) JM suggested an address which may be used to reach the St John’s Ambulance County Commissioner.TB advised the meeting on the rules regarding driving the Penrose School mini bus without a school employee being present and therefore the vehicle cannot be used for Association purposes. MG reported on behalf of MM that frequent contacts with Vernon (Bradford on Avon) did not elicit a reply. She will try again

Update from the Chair: SG was disappointed that JA gave him some negative feed back from his attendance at the Mayor’s Invitation football match. JA presented AH with a Marsa Town FC DVD and scarf in recognition of our thanks for being invited but this appeared to have been overlooked in the reporting of the occasion. JA also felt that his presence, as the Association representative, was not recognised and left him feeling isolated and ignored. The members felt sad, and embarrassed on behalf of JA, as he was so keen and enthusiastic at having the opportunity to promote the twinned FC at a high profile Bridgwater Town match. CB proposed the submission of an article to the Bridgwater Mercury, which mentions our presentation of these gifts and he will liase with PM in the compilation of said item.    CB/PM

SG raised the point of the omission of Marsa Town on Bridgwater Town boundary signs and asked MG to obtain an update from AH on this matter.                                                       MG

SG reaffirmed that Bridgwater Town Council received a copy of the Minutes of the Association’s meetings from MG. He confirmed that this is happening as he forwards a paper copy to the BTC address in the High Street. SG reminded the meeting of the approaching date of the new Town Mayor’s election (May) and he hopes that he will accept the Association’s Presidency and work closely with us in furthering the aims of our twinning movement.

SG reported on his contact with Karl who arranged the music for the proposed ‘Rock Night’ and his disappointment at the plans not being actioned. He organised 5 bands to participate and felt “let down” by the Association’s apparent apathy and disinterest. MG stated that it lacked close consultation between SG and key members. The group debated the issues around event promotion, benefits to the Association, cost, planning and application. SG to feed back to Karl the outcome of our discussions. CB suggested that these plans should be reviewed and SG asked if he should invite Karl to the next meeting. All agreed.                                        SG

SG proposed holding a ‘Malta Night’ and broadening the geography to include towns across the Southwest of England. He had an excellent response in the past when he organised a similar function. JA confirmed that he has been in contact with Maltese companies who have committed themselves to provide sponsorship and their products for such an event.

The following debate centred around timing (MG informed the group of Francis De Bono and

colleague’s possible visit to Bridgwater this August), venue, cost, promotion, date and associated issues. SG would like to hold this event in September to tie in with Malta Day (London) and he will source details and cost of potential venues (Town Hall, Arts Centre) SG

Update from the Vice Chair and Press Secretary: PM reported that links with Westover Green Community School should wait until the new head has been appointed as Mr Owen James (current head) is leaving this post. PM will submit the article (discussed earlier) to the local paper.

Update from the Secretary: MG reminded SG of the need to re-establish contact with BIBIC (Vivienne Streeter) to discuss how the Association can provide practical help to children and their parents from Malta, when they are attending the centre.                                         SG/MG

MG fed back on his recent visit to Malta when he was so well received by Francis, Adrian, Rose, Dominic and their families. He gave a brief account of his activities, visits (cannons featured significantly) and meeting many interesting people. He was given the chance to be introduced to Michael Sawba (President of the Marsa Historic and Cultural Society) and two of his members at Marsa Council HQ. MG agreed to initiate links between them and key persons in Bridgwater in order to foster exchanges of common interests and information. PM and SG to forward contact details to MG.                                                               PM/SG/MG

MG advised members of the new Marsa Town website ( and asked everyone to visit the site and comment. JM created the link to our website during the meeting. Copies of the Marsa Town News letter were circulated and all commented on the excellent layout and visual impact.

Update from the Treasurer: No report

Update from the Membership Secretary: MG, on behalf of MM, reported that monies are being held for the attention of the Treasurer.

Update from JA’s visit to Malta: JA made many useful contacts during his recent trip home and will forward contact details to MG for future reference.                                                  JA

PM/SM plan to visit Malta this April. JA offered contact addresses in Malta for anyone who is looking for accommodation during their stay. MG advised the group that Marsa Council have not yet actioned the use of the trophy presented to them by us last year. JA circulated DVD’s/CD’s with Maltese themes for members to loan. He would like to set up an Association library of books/DVD’s etc and all agreed that this is an excellent idea. He asks those members, who borrowed books and discs from him in the past, to return them or advise him who currently holds them.                                                                                      ALL/JA

MG proposed that JA should act as a translator of Maltese for the Association and that he may teach interested Association members some useful Maltese phrases. JA stated that English is a useful language to communicate with the majority of Maltese people but may be willing to do so if asked.

Any other business: None.

Date/time/venue of next meeting:

THURSDAY 12TH APRIL 2007 19:30 hours

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