Thursday 17th May 2007 19:30 hours

30, Wembdon Hill, Wembdon, Bridgwater, TA6 7PX


Present: Joseph Abela, Pat Morgan, Trisha Brown, Colin Brown, Steve Gill, Mike Grabner

Apologies: Steve Morgan, Di Grabner, Joan Gill, Marion Maddison, Dave Perrin, Ivana Hodgkinson

Minutes from the last meeting: Received and agreed by all.

Matters arising: TB circulated a copy of the latest ‘Your Bridgwater’, which included the insert of the ‘Malta Night’ advert. PM had received a response from the Marsa School, however no contact with Westover Green Community School has been established. She will maintain her contact during her next visit to Malta in October. SG proposed the exploration of a link with another Bridgwater Primary School and TB will make the initial contact with the Head Teacher of St George’s (Wembdon).                                                                           TB

Update from the Chair: SG expressed his disappointment at Malta’s Eurovision Contest representative’s failure to win the event. He will e-mail her again to enquire as to her availability to perform at the Association’s ‘Malta Night’ this September. PM will follow up the initial contact she made with Paidraig Dwyer (Sunset Boulevard).                                PM

JA has several contacts and connections with Maltese groups and musicians and will ask their availability and performance fees.                                                                                         JA

SG informed the meeting that Andy Slocombe will feature the event on his website. He also reported that Dr Cattermole now has MG’s letter and his group plan to make direct contact with their counterpart in Marsa. MG asked how this would be achieved as he has not been asked for the contact details. SG assumed that this would happen in due course.

MG declared he will rejoin as a member of the ‘Friends of Blake Museum’ as this would be a way of linking the Marsa Cultural and Historic Society with this town’s heritage staff and members. SG stated that he had been in discussion with Anne-Marie Spalding (Town Centre Manager). She would be very interested in a Malta Promotion, which would be featured, along with other countries, around the Cornhill area as part of a Council Initiative week c/o 10.09.2007. SG will raise this topic at the next Town Independent Traders’ meeting on 25/06/2007.                                                                                                                            SG

Update from the Vice Chair/Press Secretary: PM reported on her and SG’s attendance at the Mayor-Making ceremony in May when Cllr P Smeed was declared the Town’s Mayor for 2007/08 and Cllr G Granter was elected Deputy Mayor. Both mayors expressed a keen wish to formally mark the next civic visit by a Marsa delegation to Bridgwater (to be confirmed) by the inclusion of Marsa-Malta on the towns boundary signs. She also reported that pictures from the event are posted on the Association’s website and has now a list of contacts through which our events can be advertised. CB reminded the meeting of the appropriate use of the medium and how it can raise and stimulate interest and expectations in the ‘Malta Night’. PM to e-mail contacts with all planned events.                                                                            PM

JA had worked on the Tag line for this and explained his decision to use Il-banda ta’ Indri (Andrew’s Band) It has an idiomatic and relevant meaning in the Maltese everyday language and connects closely with Marsa’s origin of public music performances. All agreed that the phrase should headline the event to attract the desired attention.

Update from the Secretary: MG received the e-mail from JA and will make early contact with the Marsa Regatta Club.                                                                                               MG

CB asked who was in receipt of the Association’ minutes in BTC. MG forwards a copy to Alan Hurford and presumably tables them at the BTC meetings. The members proposed that the current Mayor should receive a copy for his personal reference and interest. Agreed.   MG

MG received an e-mail from AH stating confirmation of Mayor Smeed’s acceptance of the association’s Presidency. He also read out another e-mail from Val Bannister offering the



Association a Presentation book on the architecture of the Knights in Valetta. All agreed we should accept this generous offer and MG to reply.                                                             MG

PM reported that Francis De Bono spoke with Pat Parker prior to the induction of the new Mayor. MG stated his reasons for not yet having written to the local St. John’ Ambulance Commander. SG suggested that the main theme of the letter should be making him aware of our existence. MG to action.                                                                                                MG

MG contacted the landlords of the Cross Rifles to request the return of the Marsa flag. Despite speaking to two of them on three occasions, it has not materialised.

Update from the Treasurer: No report.

Update from the Membership Secretary: Vacant position.

Vacancy of Membership Secretary: The question of needing to fill the position was discussed and TB kindly agreed to take this responsibility on. MM to forward all relevant paperwork to TB.                                                                                                          MM/TB

CB and TB will be in Canada from 1.06 - 10.07.2007 and plan to send a photo to the Bridgwater Mercury during their trip.

Malta Evening/Night (update): SG paid the hire charge which is inclusive of all services. SG and SM to discuss the catering arrangements.                                                                 SG/SM

SG to contact DP regarding the entertainment arrangements.                                          SG/DP

SG has a costing for 150 balloons for the evening (£95). TB suggests at looking for alternative providers and lower costs.                                                                                               SG/TB

SG asked MG to send formal invitations to this event to the Malta High Commissioner in London, BT Mayor and his Councillors and Ian Liddell-Granger MP.                                MG

MG asked for a high quality Association letter headed copy for his use, which also has  an update footer. PM to ask JM to produce.                                                                       PM/JM  

Any other business: CB recommended the wider circulation of the Association’s minutes. MG stated that these could be found on our website and PM agreed to forward an abridged version to the Bridgwater Mercury on a regular basis to increase its dissemination.             PM


Date of next meeting:

Monday 25th June 2007 19:30 hours

Kindly hosted by Di and Mike Grabner

‘Graz’ 31, Bath Road, Bridgwater, TA6 4PH

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