Minutes 15-11-2007




Thursday 15th November 2007

30,Wembdon Hill Bridgwater.TA6 7PX


Present. Steve Gill, Joseph Abela, Pat Morgan, Steve Morgan, Dave Perrin, Colin Brown, Tricia Brown.

Apologies. Marion Maddison, Mike Grabner, Joan Gill.

Minutes from the last meeting. Received and agreed by all.

SG.  Has been in touch with the Deputy Head Teacher of Haygrove and although it is a language school wondered about the advantages of twinning with a Maltese school, SG to follow up. He has also had contact with Dr Cattermole who is involved with the Historical and Civic societies. SG will send letter to all primary schools in the New Year (as they will all be busy with Christmas activities this term) so he can visit and promote the association. TB suggested a DVD about Malta will help so SG will contact the Malta Tourist Board in London. SG has also seen a member of the BTC

Who has assured him that town signs will at some stage have our twinning recognised with the other 3 twinning associations.

 PM reported on recent visit to Malta when they met up several times with our friends there.

The letter that was taken for the Mayor Mr Francis Debono was read and he has plans to go into the schools and promote the idea and explain about twinning. He is also planning a competition for the children to find out about Bridgwater and present their work. There will be a good book token prize. He will also find out what societies, clubs etc that may be interested in linking with like here.

There is no local newspaper in Marsa but several national ones. Their contacts with the people of the town are through meetings and through the quarterly publication that goes to each residence where our town crest is beside theirs on the front cover.

SM and PM visited the Scout HQ and met leaders, information was exchanged, and we took a scrapbook made by Abbey Walker about her experiences at the 100year Scout Jamborree.It it hoped that the Patrols will start activities. We also found out school holidays. We also visited the Theresa Nuzzo primary school and were made very welcome and shown around the school with the mayor’s wife Carmen, councillor Mary Rose Dalli and Executive secretary to the council Adrian Attard . We were given gifts for St George’s school. The School in Marsa is ready and keen to start. At the end of the visit Francis the Mayor joined us and he took to see the new road sign at the entrance to the town near the Bridgwater playground where it proudly announces Marsa is twinned with Bridgwater. They are also making a 5 a side football pitch at the back of the playground. DP suggested maybe a trophy in time for a contest.

A suggestion from Marsa was that we have a photo of us all beside the list of members. PM gave the news that The deputy mayor in Marsa Dominic Spencer and his wife Claudette are expecting their baby very soon.

DP reminded us that those of us that have not been to the Regatta that it is held on September 8th each year.

SG had found on the Internet that there is a Marsa Way in Bridgwater. It is on a new development called Rio (after carnival) he went to find it and later PM and SM went and took photos. Our Mayor did not know it and he suggested a celebration of the fact. On discussion with a friend in the building trade PM has been in contact by phone and will follow up with a letter to ask if Barratt’s would like to be involved in the celebration with the local paper taking photos. We are not yet sure when official sign will be put up. SM suggested leafleting the residents, and showed one already drafted. TB will review and we will distribute after Christmas.

DP Has had the accounts audited and a copy has been sent to the Town Clerk Alan Hurford as well as us having a copy. We hope then to receive £300 from the council. It was discussed about another fund raising event next year and several ideas were explored.

TB has sent letters to Penrose and St George’s schools re their subscriptions. The information from Marsa School she will take into school.

SG would like to explore exchange work placements/student work experience. PM will contact Annalisa Debono who is at university in Malta.

There was also discussion about people of all ages maybe interested in having Pen Pals, / Scouts, School children. It was felt that scouts and schools could make sure it would be supervised. ? Advertise in the Mercury for adults.

We have been invited (the association) to attend a post Christmas party at the Mayors parlour .PM to contact to find out likely dates.


No date planned for the New Year until we have sorted out dates for above.

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