Minutes 12-04-07




Thursday 12th April 2007 19:30 hours

2, Walter Barnett House, Albert Street, Bridgwater, TA6 3RJ


Present: Steve Gill, Colin Brown, Trisha Brown, Dave Perrin, Pat Morgan, Steve Morgan, Mike Grabner, Di Grabner, Joseph Abela

Apologies: Marion Maddison, Ivana Hodgkinson

Minutes from the last meeting: Agreed and received by all.

Matters arising: Membership cards handed out

Update from the Chair: SG contacted the Maltese Tourist Board and received some promotional material for display and handouts. He also booked the function room at Welworthy Social Club (£75.00) for the Maltese Evening on Saturday 15th September 2007 (date to be confirmed). DP issued a cheque for SG to secure the booking and check what is included in the room hire fee on payment.                                                                             SG

This event must be advertised across the southwest region through all the local newspapers to achieve greater interest and attendance. SG and PM to contact the newspaper group responsible for all the publications in these areas. MG suggested that part of the text should be in Maltese to attract the attention of Maltese people living in these localities.          SG/PM/JA

SG will explore the viability of Olivia Lewis performing as she will be in London in September for Malta Day UK and asked DP to plan the evening’s entertainment.          SG/DP                                                                      

SG and SM are willing to organise the buffet and have provisionally agreed on a traditional themed menu. They would also appreciate help from other members.                            SG/SM

The event would also be advertised on the Association website                  SG/James Morgan

Application for and point of sale of tickets to the event should be available via the website, by post and by telephoning named members. CB proposed that part of the web text should be in Maltese. JA agreed to do this and also for the newspaper article.                      SG/PM/JA/JM

MG raised the issue of ticket pricing and costingsto ensure this will generate an income for the Association.

DP proposed the availability of Maltese lager and wine. JA suggested contacting Maltese suppliers but clarity is needed regarding the Welworthy Social Club alcohol licence before this is actioned.                                                                                                                             SG

SG gave MG Dr Cattermole’s contact details to formally request his involvement in linking the Bridgwater and Marsa historic/civic and cultural groups. MG to action and forward the letter via Steve Gill.                                                                                                        MG/SG

Update from the Vice Chair/Press Secretary: PM submitted an article re JA’s presentation of gifts at the football match. However this was not published. PM informed the members of the Ladies’ Skittle presentation evening at the Newmarket pub on 15th June 2007 when the trophies, kindly given to us by Marsa District Council, will be awarded. She asked SG to present them to the winners and he accepted.                                                                 SG/PM

Update from the Secretary: MG read out the reply from Alan Hurford on the issues raised by MG regarding the mayoral sponsored football match and the town boundary signage. All agreed that his responses were positive. MG also reported that he has not had a reply to the e-mail sent to Cllr P Smeed and he has not yet contacted the curator of Bridgwater Museum, Dr Cattermole or the St John’s Divisional Superintendant R Pitman. PM to forward his correct address to MG.                                                                                                              PM/MG

MG handed over Association business monies, held by MM, to DP. He advised the members that he had been in contact with MM and had asked her to reconsider her resignation as Membership Secretary, whilst remaining a member of the Association. All agreed that she has done an excellent job, given the difficult and often frustrating circumstances and CB proposed that MG should convey this to her. MG delighted to do so.                                                 MG



SM suggested that the role should be shared to lighten the sense of responsibility or taken over by another member. TB felt that the latter option was more realistic and could be achieved. JA stressed that the key is the evidence of good work having been and being done by all.

Updatee from the Treasurer: DP suggested the urgent need for a costings estimate on the Maltese Evening to determine/predict a financial outcome. Current finances held are £1277.17p (bank account) and £37.37p (cash).

Update from the Membership Secretary: Not available. Position now vacant.

Rock Night: Deemed not viable at this time.

Maltese Night: Discussed in great detail earlier in the meeting. SG raised the need for a raffle to be held on the night. MG to contact Air Malta again as they have been so generous on two previous occasions and all other members to source one prize.                                           ALL

DP asked if someone could contact the new landlord of the Cross Rifles who hold the Marsa/Malta flags and bunting which are Association property. MG to do so.                     MG

Any other business: TB circulated a copy of Your Bridgwater  which lists MM as our point of contact. Details to remain unchanged until advised otherwise by MM. Space may be used to advertise Association events and also include our web address.                                            TB

MG had received the Association’s invitation to the Mayor Making event 11th May 2007. SG and PM agreed to attend and MG asked them to rsvp as per invitation request.             SG/PM

CB reflected on an earlier point of the meeting regarding AH’s response. MG stated he had acknowledged it and all agreed that this matter is now closed.                                            ALL

TB advised the meeting of a speaker (Val Bannister) who gives talks on prehistoric buildings and quotes those which are found in Malta. She proposed that our Association could be present at her next speaking engagement, when she covers this topic. All agreed and TB to inform us when this takes place.                                                                                          ALL

TB asked if the Association members would be interested in participating in a Wembdon Ladies Charity Quiz evening. The next event takes place on 19th May 2007 at 19:00 hours at the Wembdon Parish Centre and each team consists of 4 persons. Several members expressed their interest and will take part.

JA offered his home as a regular meeting venue and was thanked for his kind offer.


Date/time/venue of next meeting:

Thursday 17th May 2007 19:30 hours

Kindly hosted by Trisha and Colin Brown

                                              30, Wembdon Hill, Wembdon, Bridgwater, TA6 7PX                                                                

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