Wednesday 10th September at 20.00hrs

31, Camden Road, Bridgwater TA6 3HB



Present-Steve Gill, Steve Morgan, Mike Grabner, Colin Brown, Tricia Brown and Pat Morgan

Apologies-Di Grabner, Ivana Hodgkinson, Barbara and Gordon Taylor and Councillor Philip Smeed.

Minutes from last meeting- received and agreed.

Matters Arising- Discussion about tree that the Mayor of Marsa would like to give the town.PM had written to the council but had not received a reply.  It was felt the tree would need to be placed in a safe place where it would be protected. We will await a reply.

CB has been in contact with Doug Robson who is President of Bridgwater Carnival and he had explained that the Carnival Circuit is affiliated with the Carnival in Valletta. SG had also spoken to Clive Kett (Bridgwater) and would be interested in a link .We need to find out if Marsa is involved and find out if there is someone we could link with? with the island or a Government link in Malta.

We need to find out if there are any youth football teams that may be interested either locally of through the YMCA or Bridgwater College in linking with teams in Marsa.

TB has spoken to the Head Teacher of St Georges School Reverend David Hartrey who will speak to staff involved  with the linked  school in Marsa to find out what they have been doing and their plans for the future. She will also enquire about an after school club that SG and Joan are already involved in at Westover Green School.

There is a new Head Teacher at Penrose School called Liz Haywood and TB had introduced herself and explained about the twinning links and Ivana’s class involvement- as it was the beginning of term she is learning about us. She is happy for us to use the school for our Annual General Meeting and a date of 16th October was suggested which she could attend. We can also plan another Quiz Night there but will need a date/dates to be able to book the hall.

CB has informed us that he has straightened the Marsa Twinning Sign on the Taunton Road sign as it was only being held by one bracket so that was why it was one-sided. We all extended our thanks.

TB pointed out we had discussed getting in contact with the other 3 twinning groups in town.SG will do.

Chairman’s Report- SG reported he and Joan attended the Mayors Civic service in St Mary’s Church on Sunday August 17th and had enjoyed it.SG had spoken to Kay Granter the Mayoress and they are hoping to make a formal visit to Malta in their year of office. There is a new head teacher at Westover Green School called Heather Good and SG is going to see her on Tuesday.

SG has been in contact with the Deputy High Commissioner for Malta Mr Bernard Hamilton and he was pleased to become a Vice President. He will be added to our official letter “footer” with our other 3 VP’s.

Correspondence and Secretary Report-PM mentioned the information JA had sent her re the High Commissioner for Malta Dr Michael Refalo who has addressed a Rotary meeting in London.MG and SG pointed out that he had been invited to previous functions that our Association had held and he had not been available to attend.

PM had contacted Somerset Youth Opportunity Group after seeing a piece in The Bridgwater Times about a group of young people from our French Twin town who had been helped by the fund. She is waiting information and will phone a lady she has been given a contact number for.

We had an Invitation via our website to join the Somerset Gateway Website. It is run by the Library service and showcases many groups and organisations in Somerset. We have now been added to it.

PM had an email from Francis Debono (Via his daughter) to ask how we were progressing with the tree but PM explained we were waiting to hear from our council and will be guided by them. It was also suggested that the Mercury that PM had sent out with the Photos with Joseph Muscat if there is time in PM and SM’s October Holiday in Malta we may be able to present it to him so he is aware of the promotion we give to the twinning here.

James Morgan has received an email with a draft certificate from the Marsa Scouts to celebrate their linking in 2006.He had discussed it with our leaders and returned a slightly amended draft. Mark Catania Assistant Group Scout Leader works in Libya and is away at the moment but when home again will be in touch. The  Mercury was sent to him that had a photo with him and PM and Cubs .The Photo is hopefully being included in the group’s quarterly newspaper.

PM had also looked at the last council minutes from June and it was mentioned about contacting our Association re a photo with the Marsa Twinning Sign at the approach to the town.PM reported we had not received any information. It was suggested we make a date and invite the Mayor and other councillors for a photo and also mention  Valletta Place also.

JA mentioned the Clubs and Societies section in the Bridgwater Mercury and PM does use it although not after the last meeting as there had been pictures and reports in there for 3 weeks following.

PM and SM with the help of JM set up the gazebo for Wembdon Village Day on Bank Holiday Monday.SG came with lots of bags full of information from the Malta Tourist Board and TB had information from the EU.We forgot at the meeting to say a big thank you to Francesca Gill for her work in filling the bags. We did have many people stop and talk and enjoyed the gifts and there appears to be more awareness of us now but no new members.

Treasures Report-SM informed us that the bank account now has been changed to any 2 of 3 signatures to sign any cheques and SM, CB and SG had now been to the bank to sort it out.MG asked if his name had been removed and SG would make sure it had as he had to go the next day. So MG has formally been advised he is no longer a signature.

SM advised we had received £300 core funding from Bridgwater Town Council which had been banked. He now needs to sort the books and get them audited for the AGM and also a copy for the Council.PM had emailed the Town Clerk Alan Hurford to thank him and explain.

Membership secretary report-TB will wait to hear from SG re date for AGM if it will be suitable for him. but will stay with date Thursday 16th October at 19.30 hrs in the Hall at Penrose School. Notification will need to be given minimum of 2 weeks before date to members as subscriptions will be due. It was decided to remain the same price £5 per individual and £10 for corporate members. Will need to advertise it the Mercury and Bridgwater Times. Also to put posters in the schools involved.TB will need 2 and SG 1, How many for Penrose? Letters will be needed for our President the Mayor and our Vice Presidents.

Any Other Business- to ask our council to formally invite Joseph Muscat from Malta and the Deputy High Commissioner from London to our carnival.PM pointed out that the council members in Marsa have been given different responsibilities and that Dominic Spencer has the Twinning.TB asked PM for his email address. The Association sent their best wishes after his illness.SM explained that Francis Debono asked if PM would attend an open meeting in Marsa to speak to the town’s people to explain the Twinning and answer questions during their holiday in October, she had agreed. It was discussed and felt that our profile was needed to be raised in Marsa as they do not have a local newspaper as we do. It may then involve more people from Marsa.


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Thursday 16th October at 19.30 hrs

Penrose School

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