Wednesday 10th May 2006 18:30 hours

The Cross Rifles, 1 Bath Road, Bridgwater, TA6 4PH



Present: Steve Gill, Mike Grabner, Pat Morgan, Steve Morgan, Colin Brown, Tricia Brown, Marion Maddison, Joseph Abela

Apologies: Dave Perrin, Di Grabner, Joan Gill, Sue Neale

Minutes from last meeting: Received and agreed by all.

Matters arising: PM and SM presented 3 skittle trophies, donated by Marsa Local Council, to the Bridgwater Ladies Skittle league. Details of how they will be awarded are yet to be finalised and it has been agreed to perpetuate the award on an annual basis.

Update from the Chair: SG thanked every one for their hard work and commitment in achieving the Association’s objective of a formal town twinning and paid particular thanks to MG for his dedicated involvement. Seconded by all. He was unable to attend the Mayor Making reception on 05/05/2006 but advised the members that Mr Pat Parker is now Bridgwater’s Town Mayor for 2006/07. He requested that MG should send a formal letter of congratulation to the new mayor and MG was reminded by other members that the Association presidency, held by the last mayor, is taken on by the incoming mayor.           MG

MG asked those members, who have a copy of the Association headed stationery, to amend it accordingly.                                                                                                                        ALL

SG asked for a strong focus on new projects and suggested the need for a project co-ordinator. After lengthy discussions, it was agreed that such a position was not necessary as the group was tight, interacted and communicated effectively and worked cohesively to achieve set aims. It was agreed to reconsider such a position, when the membership enlarged. MM reminded the members that increasing the membership should be a priority project. The link between the Scouts is established (PM) but there is no news from Brymore School. SM to follow up.    SM

SM also felt that there should be more publicity and asked SG if JG could use her stall at the newly refurbished indoor market to advertise the Association. SG stated that such a move must be approached with caution as it may give out the wrong message to the public. CB stated that readers of the local paper have noticed the items on the town twinning with Marsa and should be capitalised on. TB mentioned a town directory, currently only available in Wembdon and Durleigh, in which an article about the town twinning could be placed. MG asked if it had a directory page and if our contact details could be included. TB to make enquiries.              TB                                                                                                                  

PM stated that the Association website has had 288 hits to date  and gave an update of the various web links. SG proposed that a forthcoming Maltese evening this summer should be posted on the web. MG suggested the promotion of our Association on the Race Night and MM proposed a postal drop on a selected housing estate. JA reminded the members that most people only come if they get something out of it.

Update from the Vice Chair: PM suggested that the Race Night sponsors could be out on the Association website with a link to their own webpage. James Morgan would be able to set this up but cautioned against time limits and the aspect of commercialism. TB stated that JUAL may be willing to have a permanent link and SM suggested that instead of a charge, the linked business may donate part of their income profit if it was generated thought Association commerce activity. TB to consult with JUAL.                                                                       TB

Update from the Secretary: MG added to SG’s earlier statement that Cllr Phillip Smeade has been elected as Deputy Mayor. He also read out his e-mail to the Maltese High Commission in London advising them of the progress in our town twinning and their subsequent response, wishing everyone ‘along and fruitful association’.

Update from the Treasurer: No update



Update from the Membership Secretary: MM regrets to report that the membership numbers remain unchanged. She offered to update the Information Folder to make it truly relevant to recent events. All agreed.                                                                                   MM

Update from the Press Secretary: PM forwarded all press reports regarding the recent town twinning signing and the trophy presentation to Marsa Local Council. She advised the members of her attempts to contact the various local TV/radio stations and had given an interview on BBC Somerset Sound. She proposes to make contact with all again to advertise the forthcoming Race Night, focussing on Orchard fm, BCR fm and HTV. MM may have the contact number for the latter and forward to her.                                                          PM/MM

Visit to Bridgwater by Francis Debono and Adrian Attard: Everyone agreed that it went very well and was a success. MG proposed a special vote of thanks to a) DP for accommodating them and collecting/taking them from/to London and b) to CB and TB for hosting them on their second day. Seconded by all. Photos of visit have been posted on a link website. The dinner at the Tudor Restaurant was enjoyed by all who were able to attend but consensus by the members decided that everyone will pay their cost of the food. Therefore all members who attended will forward £17.00 pp to DP ASAP and in doing so help to protect the Association funds.                                                                                                               ALL At this stage SM gave his apologies in advance for not being able to participate on the Race Night due to personal matters.

Mayor Making reception: Discussed earlier.

Race Night Progress Update: MG regretfully informed the members that he received only one negative response from the 12 letters asking local and national companies for sponsorship or donations. On a more positive note, we have 7 sponsors namely JUAL, MH Joinery, M&F Hamlin, Cross Rifles, Italyandmore, Berry’s and Guy Hall. All artwork and sponsor money to DP BEFORE Sunday 14/05/2006 midday.                                                                        ALL

PM clarified the process of fundraising by getting people to name the horses and arranged for further copies of sponsor sheets to be distributed at this meeting. MG informed the group that ‘Bookworm’ donated a marital aid to the auction and DP plans to purchase something from the Fireplace shop to also auction.                                                                                        DP

Donations for the raffle are also urgently required and handed to DP at the Cross Rifles.  ALL

Horse naming sponsor forms have been allocated as follows: M Hamlin - MG, JUAL and Berry’s - TB/CB, MH Joinery - PM, Cross Rifles - DP, Italyandmore - SG, Guy Hall - SM. SM to approach ProServ again to seek their support.                                                            SM

All sponsor monies to be handed in at the Cross Rifles BEFORE midday Sunday 14/05/2006.

MM asked what next and all agreed to meet at 19:00 hours on 3/06/2006 to meet the race organiser and receive instruction on the evening’s event and involvement.                         ALL

PM to liase with DP re details of advertising and the printing of posters etc.                 PM/DP

Funding of sponsors’ and race winners’ wines will need to come from the Association’s accounts and CB agreed to make the necessary purchases (total=15 bottles).                       CB

Nibbles top be organised and SG will contact DP.                                                          SG/DP

Any other business: CB confirmed a place for Francis Debono on the squibbing team on Carnival night in November 2006 following a brief discussion with Alan Hurford.

SG proposed a Maltese festival evening to celebrate IMNAJARA on 24/06/2006 at The Cross Rifles. Details to be confirmed.                                                                                             SG

Date/time/venue of next meeting:

Wednesday 24th May 2006 18:30 hours The Cross Rifles (Race Night preparation update)

Wednesday 21st June 2006 18:30 hours The Cross Rifles




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