Monday 5th February 2007, 18:30 hours

The Cross Rifles, 1 Bath Road, Bridgwater, TA6 4PH


Present: Marion Maddison, Tricia Brown, Colin Brown, Pat Morgan, Steve Morgan, Mike Grabner, Joseph Abela

Apologies: Dave Perrin, Steve Gill, Joan Gill, Di Grabner.

PM asked to take the meeting in SG’s absence.

Membership cards, kindly created and produced by TB and MM, distributed to those attending.

PM informed the meeting of Cllr P Smeed’s apologies.

Minutes from the last meeting: Received by all and agreed. James Morgan has requested MG to resend last minutes electronically to post on the website.

Matters arising: MG thanked TB and CB for a very enjoyable evening and all agreed that they had a wonderful time.


Update from the Vice Chair/Press Secretary: JM has expanded the website links to include Sedgemoor DC. JM has requested any article or photo of relevant interest to be forwarded to him and also seeks comments on how to improve the website contents. MG asked how to use this facility to attract members. JM to give this some thought. TB circulated the latest copy of ‘your Bridgwater’ and it suggested that the Association’s activities could be mentioned in this magazine. Circulation has extended and is delivered to approx. 4000 Bridgwater households. MM suggested advertising for new members via this means and TB agreed to actions.       TB

IH may have some photos from her last Malta trip and should be asked if she would allow them to be used. SM asked if JA had any relevant Marsa/Malta articles and pictures which could bee of interest. JA will source and submit.                                                                   JA


JA is visiting Malta next week and offered to take messages or undertake any Association related work. MG asked him to make contact with Francis De Bono, Adrian Attard or any Marsa Councillors. CB asked JA to take a copy of ‘your Bridgwater’ to present to Marsa Council

The links between Westover Community School and the convent are slowly progressing. AA has e-mailed PM to confirm that he will make contact with Sr Bridget.                                PM

PS’s suggestion of an introduction to the St John’s Ambulance Brigade should be action as they have recently appointed a new county commissioner. MG to email.                             MG

JA asked about the formalisation of the town twinning with the EU. MG stated that the responsibility now lies with the respective councils. MG asked to request an update from Alan Hurford (Town Clerk)                                                                                                          MG


MG asked CB to give a summary of the recent meeting he attended regarding the proposed unification of councils. CB explained the overall purpose and timescale. In essence, town councils would remain unchanged under the restructuring process.

SM asked how the town twinning is promoted in Marsa. MG stated that this is reported in their Annual Report and every house hold in Marsa receives a copy. JA enquired if he should raise this topic with FDB and/or AA when he visits Malta. All agreed.                                        JA


PM advised the members that she had written to the ’Bridgwater Mercury’ and asked the reason for the omission of the town twinning under ‘2006 Events’. The editor’s response stated its inclusion in the article and PM circulated the proof.


Update from the Secretary: MG reminded the members that the dead line for tickets to the Mayor’s Banquet at the Town Hall had now passed. He mentioned it at our social gathering before 02/02/2007 and whist everyone thanked the Mayor for including us in the invitation list, all were unable to take up the offer to purchase tickets for this important event. MG also advised the group that he will be in Malta for 5 days in early March 2007. He has made contact with Marsa Council and hopes to have the chance to meet with Francis and Adrian and/or some of the Councillors on an informal basis.


MG gave an update of the Association’s financial standing, in the absence of the Treasurer, as follows: Account £1270.52p, cash £2.57p. DP had been in contact with the bank to query the account bank charges. He was advised to retain this type of business account for ease of cheque transfers and was offered free banking for a specified period. Most members proposed a change of bank/account and secure free banking indefinitely.                                             DP


Update from the Membership Secretary: Still awaiting membership fees from some members despite sending a reminder to pay. Members asked MM to send a second reminder. MM heard from Vernon (Bradford on Avon) who chairs the Friendship Society between their town and St Andrews in Malta. He invites our Association members to join them when a group of 60 Maltese visit Bradford o A 09/07-17/07/2007. He suggests we meet them for a day on Saturday 15/07/2007 and participate in that day’s activities. The visitors have an extensive itinerary which includes a trip to Longleat House and a football match with Bath University. MM was asked to accept the kind invitation and provisional travel plans were made. TB offered to explore the opportunity to loan the Penrose School mini bus for the day. MM to e-mail Vernon and obtain more detail and CB suggested she should request some time for formal discussions between them and us.                                                                       MM


MM has monies (£25) to be paid into the Association account. MG asked her to retain until next meeting and hand to DP.                                                                                       MM/DP


Rock Night: As SG and DP absent item to be scheduled for next meeting.


Football match: PM stated that Raymond Bonnici (Marsa Town Councillor) and AH had discussed this on an informal basis and could MG follow this up. SM raised the question of skill, MG asked for a cautious approach to the planning and JA perceived no difficulties as the enthusiasm and commitment would be evident in the Marsa team. MG to liase with AH.   MG


‘The Way Forward’: All present felt that this had been extensively discussed throughout the meeting.

Any other business: SM asked if the venue could be changed. TB and CB agreed that this point should be discussed. All felt that since the change of landlord, the Cross Rifles has become a less attractive and welcoming place and alternative places for the meeting should be considered. TB proposed holding them in each others’ homes on a rotational basis and PM asked for a later start time. All agreed. See next item. TB reminded all to keep it simple with regard to refreshments as she and CB had some uncomfortable experiences in home meeting hosting. All agreed to comply                                                                                            ALL


DATE/TIME/VENUE of next meeting:

31, CAMDON ROAD, BRIDGWATER, TA6 3HB, Tel.: 01278 421727

Monday 19th March 2007 19:30 hours

(Kindly hosted by Pat and Steve Morgan)

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