Wednesday 3rd January 2007

The Cross Rifles, 1 Bath Road, Bridgwater, TA6 4PH


Present: Marion Maddison, Pat Morgan, Steve Morgan, Tricia Brown, Colin Brown, Mike Grabner, Dave Perrin.

Apologies: Steve Gill, Joan Gill, Joseph Abela, Di Grabner, Ivana Hodgkinson.

Agenda not available: Apologies from MG.


Minutes of the last meeting: Received and agrees by all.

Matters arising: MG thanked all who commented on the draft response to Mr Pisani. PM reported that James Morgan e-mailed this reply to the sender’s address. It has been opened and no further response was received. MG stated that he forwarded a copy of the original letter and the Association’s reply to Bridgwater Town Council. No acknowledgement received or expected. CB commented on the valid points in Mr Pisani’s statements and we should accept these as part fact, part personal opinion and close this matter. All agreed. PM stated that she heard of a Maltese gent who resides in the locality and SM questioned why we have not heard from him before now.


PM reported on behalf of SG of the provisional arrangements for a ‘Rock Night’ at the Bridgwater Arts Centre around Easter time and Kirran is actively organising a football team. SM expanded on the possibility of such a sporting event and the associated costs and necessary arrangements. CB raised the question of a match between Marsa and Bridgwater Town FC’s and exploring a link with other Town twinning groups as to the possibility of other matches. DP to make tentative enquiries to the Public Relations person at Bridgwater Town FC.                                                                                                                                        DP


This issue will be an item on the next agenda  

TB raised the Association’s financial involvement of sponsoring local youths in a trip to Malta. MG apologised for the inaccuracy in the minutes and it was clarified the entry should have read …partfunding the £1000 …..

Issues of concern were raised over the planned Rock Night with MM and CB asking about cost and financial sustainability and DP questioning the number of proposed bands performing, choice of band and potential local interest/income. DP was asked to liaise with SG to closely look at the proposed format and event details.                                               DP                                      


PM commented on the omission of our town twinning in the local paper’s ‘Review of 2006’. CB proposed a link with Cllr’s Smeed’s town twinning society on a social basis for the sharing of ideas and common twinning issues. All agreed and to be actioned.                                 PM


Update from the Vice Chair: PM advised the members of an item (plus photo) in the ‘Me and my Balance’ in a national health journal which was also reported on in Malta. Copy circulated. She also updated the members on the unexplained long delay in establishing an e-maol link between Westover Green Community School and a specific Marsa school. PM has the details and to pursue and assist, if required, in making the contacts.                               PM  


She reminded the members of the successful linkage between the Bridgwater and Marsa Scout troups and the close working relationship between Penrose School and a similar establishment in Penbroke, Malta, which may not have happened if this Twinning Association had not existed. The local Scout troupe has formally joined our Association on a group membership basis.  

Update from the Membership Secretary: MM stated that all present had renewed their membership and forwarded monies to the Treasurer. MM to write to all those members whose membership fees remains outstanding.                                                                                MM                      


Gina Berry remains interested in joining and Vernon (Bradford on Avon) is currently not directly contactable. MM to telephone once more to try and establish contact.                   MM  


SM suggested that we should travel to Bradford to meet Vernon and his members and/or invite them to our next social event. To be considered.                                                       ALL


MM to forward an Association information pack to the head of the Scout troupe.              MM  


The issue of membership cards was raised and TB offered to organise this (sample circulated). All agreed and thanked TB for providing them.                                                                    TB  


Update from the Secretary: MG reported that he sent the Cross Rifles’ Licensees a Christmas card from us with our Season’s Greetings and thanking us for the use of their premises for our meetings past and future. This seems to be assured. He commented on the failure of our Christmas social event and all accepted that the time frame to organise was too tight and proprietors of SG’s choice of venue were not helpful. TB and CB kindly agreed to host an event at their home and date to be confirmed.                                                     TB/CB


Update from the Treasurer: DP provided the current financial balances as £1235.14p in the bank account and £67.37p in cash. DP to arrange an alternative bank account to avoid bank charges.                                                                                                                                  DP  

PM, on behalf of JM, asked DP for payment for the Association website. DP to action.      DP

Any other business: TC circulated a catalogue and information on the production of logoed items. All agreed on the potential of using this supplier when we need to logoed products.

PM asked if she should contact our President Cllr P Parker and his wife (Mayor and Mayoress) and Cllr Smeed (Deputy Mayor) and his wife to our social evening at TB/CB. All agreed. She will do so as soon as the date is known.                                                             PM


PM asked if she should write a letter to the local paper to comment on the omission of our twinning events in 2006 (see Matters arising). TB suggested that all members should voice their disappointment of their failure to mention this significant occasion. All agreed.        ALL


Date/time/venue of next meeting:

Monday 5th February 2007 18:30 hours

The Cross Rifles, 1 Bath Road, Bridgwater, TA6 4PH


Post Meeting Notes:

Tricia and Colin Brown kindly invite you to their home (30 Wembdon Hill) on:

Saturday 27th January 2007 at 19:00 hours

for an American Supper.  

(Please bring a savoury/main course dish and a ‘bottle’)


Twinning Association membership fees are now due for period 2006/07  

Fees to Marion Maddison please ASAP. Thank you

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