Bridgwater-Marsa Twinning Association Meeting.

Wednesday 2nd April 2008

31,Camden Road Bridgwater TA6 3HB.


Present-Mike Grabner, Dave Perrin, Joseph Abela, Steve Morgan, Tricia Brown. Steve Gill, Barbara Taylor, Pat Morgan.

Apologies-Colin Brown, Gordon Taylor, Di Grabner and James Morgan.


Minutes from last meeting-All received and agreed.


Matters arising from minutes-The interested journalist Laura Nesbitt had written a piece for the Mercury using material from our web site but had said that a delegated member had planted a palm in Bridgwater play ground and MG and DP pointed out it was them who planted it who are members of the association- PM and SG pointed out that they had no input in the writing of the article.


After placing an article in the Mercury and the Times we had one response from an ex RAF gentleman. PM also had a response from the Secretary of the Civic Society who had been trying to contact the historical and cultural society in Marsa and had a problem. PM wrote to the addresses she had but the email “bounced” back. She then emailed the letter to the council office and the mayor’s daughter. She had a quick reply and Francis the Mayor was going to see the person involved. MG reported that on a recent visit that he had enquired and perhaps the society was not so active as ours.

The website has been added to as suggested with an area about joining the association, a link to support the Maltese singer in Eurovision, and a forum so messages could be left but none as yet. We are still getting a lot of “hits” on the web site by 2nd April there were 8,843.


Thanks were expressed to TB by PM and SM for an enjoyable Wembdon ladies quiz evening in which we sent a team. TB thanked the association for attending as a profit of £341 was raised.

PM reminded everyone that the village of Nether Stowey are celebrating 10 years twinned with Theillay in France during the May Day Bank Holiday weekend with many events happening in the village. MG suggested we contact Marion Maddison as she has links with the village to see if we can find out more. PM to do.

Chairman’s report-SG had sent out packs about the Twinning and association to schools in the town but very little response. There was a query that maybe St Joseph’s school are doing some work about Malta. Westover Green School is interested now it knows the age groups that are involved in St Georges School.SG has asked for the contact for Thereza Nuzzo School in Marsa, PM will give it to him.


SG made several phone calls to the University of Malta to follow up the thought of a work experience exchange between young person’s studying journalism from Marsa and Bridgwater. He finally spoke to a man who was very dismissive as he thought it was not a good idea and did not think anyone from Marsa would be studying that course. PM had contacted the council previously but on discussion with the Deputy Mayor of Marsa on his recent visit it would be very difficult for them to find out. A discussion followed and MG suggested that? The Mercury may have links that may be able to help or contact the Times of Malta but to keep it for a Marsa resident. SG will contact the Mercury in the first instance.

SG also explained we had a good day when we took Dominic Spencer (the deputy Mayor of Marsa) his wife and children to see at his request Cheddar and Weston.


Secretary Report-Marsa way dedication took place on Tuesday 25th March with our Mayor, Mayoress, Deputy Mayor and Mayoress, Councillors who have supported us and the Macebearer, members of the Association and some residents gathered to celebrate the naming of the road with the Deputy Mayor of Marsa and his family. The photograph taken by Andy Slocombe was placed on the Mercury website that evening and published on the following Tuesday but without the text PM had sent in with more information. TB will find out if there is a residents association and wondered if we could attend their meetings with a view to the future.


An enjoyable evening was held after the naming at the Mayors Parlour with exchanges of gifts between the Mayor and Deputy mayor and the association.

PM also took our guests who stayed with her and SM around the town looking at various sites and areas with the town centre.


SG asked if minutes could be sent to our Vice Presidents, MP Ian Liddell Grainger, MEP’s Carolyn Jackson GB and Joseph Muscat Malta.


Treasurer’s report- DP reported £890.06 in bank and discussed about fund raising. It was felt after the success of Wembdon Ladies we hold a Quiz night, as they are popular with many people enjoying them. Various venues were discussed and TB will investigate Penrose School, as we do not really want to pay much for a venue. Other suggestions were The Great Escape or St Georges School as it is involved in the twinning.


Membership Secretary-TB said PM had sent details of gentleman who had contacted the website-TB had sent him details but had no reply. Friends from Bristol of PM and SM who have visited Marsa with them and came to the dedication to see the Spencer family wish to join and TB gave SM the forms for them to fill in. TB invited members to an open evening at Wembdon Ladies on Friday 11th April at Wembdon Community Centre. The subject is the “History of Malta” please could we wear our black t-shirts. There will be a visitor’s charge of £1 to include refreshments.


AOB- DP going to Malta late April so will visit our friends in Marsa. SG and family are going to Malta on 24th June for 2 weeks to visit family and friends. MG asked about skittle prizes and PM had just been to Ladies Skittles AGM. The cups will be presented every year; they are for the highest scores in 3 competitions the knockout, four a side and the pairs. PM and SG have been asked to attend the prize giving evening on 6th June at the New Market hotel. The Regatta cup that was presented to Marsa was asked about and DP will ask when he visits soon.


MG and DG have recently returned from Malta and met up with Francis Debono and his family and Mary Rose who unfortunately lost her seat in the recent election. They went to see the Marsa re-enactment of Good Friday, which was incredible. Everyone there sent their love to us all. They also went on an open top bus tour and were able to see the Palm that they planted in the Playground and it looks well.



Next meeting

Tuesday 6th May 2008 at 20.00 hrs

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