Minutes 01-08-2007




Wednesday 1st August 2007, 20:00 hours

50 St Matthews Green, Bridgwater, TA6 3RP


Present: Tricia Brown, Colin Brown, Pat Morgan, Steve Morgan, Joan Gill, Steve Gill, Mike Grabner, Joseph Abela.


Apologies: Ivana Hodgkinson, Di Grabner, Marion Maddison.


Minutes of the last meeting: Received and agreed (25/06/2007) No minutes taken for meeting held 3/07/2007.

Matters arising: MG reported that D Perrin approached Wally Hall and he agreed to DJ and MC the Maltese Evening. General recap of issues discussed at the last meeting.


Update from the Chair: SG had telephone enquiries about the Maltese Evening and at that point TB circulated samples of ticket formats. (Smallest size agreed upon). SG also sourced a supplier of Maltese lager and beer at which point the issue of ‘over the counter’ sales and the licensing law were debated. In the absence of DP, PM to contact the bar manager of Wellworthy club for guidance.                                                                                              PM                  

SG also found an exporter of Maltese cheese cakes but needs to establish contact. He has circulated some posters advertising the event and TB/CB agreed to design amended posters (to include additional information), which can then be distributed.                                TB/CB/SG

SG is in the process of organising a promotional event with some of his fellow traders in the week leading up to the Maltese Evening, which will feature Malta.                                       SG

CB asked about the strategy for ticket distribution/sales, the demand forecast and the need to target specific population groups. SG stated that he has enquiries from as far away as Plymouth and anticipates a good response through the wide media circulation of this event. Numbers must be limited to 150 (the capacity of the venue). MG read out the e-mail response from the Maltese High Commissioner and PM reported the Mayor of Marsa, Mr Francis deBono, may be able to attend on 15th September. MG to reply to the Maltese High Commission with an update and clarification.                                                                      MG

JA proposed advertising the event in a Maltese newspaper as readers may contact their family and friends in the UK and advise them of the evening. JA to work with PM on the text and liase with one of his contacts.                                                                                          JA/PM

SG attended the Bridgwater Town Mayor’s  Civic church service on 15/07/2007

Update from the Vice Chair/Press Secretary: PM and SM had many opportunities to meet up with the Mayor, his Councillors and their families during their recent trip to Malta. As well as meeting them socially, they went to the Scout camp and called on the Malta Tourist Authority, who provided them with many raffle prizes (samples shown). PM to thank them formally for their support.                                                                                                     PM

Francis and his party are eagerly anticipating their visit Bridgwater. Due to the nature of their brief stay, it was agreed to keep things flexible. The Deputy Mayor, Graham Granter and his wife Kay, are hosting a suitable civic reception in the visitors’ honour and the Association members plan to take them out to dinner on one of the two remaining evenings. SG/PM/SM and, maybe, CB/TB will be available to take the visitors sightseeing. SG to inform Mr G. Granter of these arrangements.                                                                                               SG

PM/SM attended a Fiesta where PM took the opportunity to engage with a local radio reporter and participated in a radio interview. PM circulated copies of the Marsa Council News (one copy for MG) and advised the meeting that she declared the loss of our Marsa flag to the Deputy Mayor Mr Dominic Spencer. SM/PM also bought some Malta themed wall hangings and decorations for use on the Maltese Evening. SG gave an update on the application of the gaming licence. The paperwork has been completed but SG is waiting on DP for the money to pay. MG suggested that he should pay and obtain a refund from DP. CB asked for the documents as he would bring this to its speedy completion within the next day.      SG/CB/DP

Once this has been completed the Raffle booklets can be printed.


 Update from the Secretary: MG advised JA of the lack of response from the president of the Marsa Regatta Club to his e-mail. MG also still waiting for a reply to his letter to Dr. Cattermole. SG stated that a response had been sent two weeks ago but as yet MG has not received this. MG asked for 4-6 tickets (complimentary) to forward to our guests for the evening (MP Mr I Liddell-Grainger and wife, Deputy Mayor G Granter and wife and the Maltese High Commissioner and one). He voiced his concern as to the financial burden on the Association’s finances if we are expected to fund His Excellency’s presence. Some debate ensued as to the Association’s responsibility to underwrite expenses. CB urged the need for swift and prompt action in advertising the event and meeting specific targets on time. All agreed. MG once again raised his concerns as to the timescale and the currently unmet objectives. CB questioned how a loss would be managed and by whom. After some discussion it was ascertained that this will not be the case and expenditure will be kept in line with Association funds.

Update from the Treasurer: Not available

Update from the Membership Secretary: PM handed TB the floppy discs from MM.

Maltese Evening: Discussed at great length throughout the meeting. Individuals to approach local traders to ask for donations to the raffle.                                                                    ALL

Any other business: None

Date/time/venue of next meeting:

Wednesday 29th August 2007, 20:00 hours

30, Wembdon Hill, Wembdon, Bridgwater, TA6 7PX

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