Minute 29-08-007




Wednesday 29th August 2007

30, Wembdon Hill, Wembdon .Bridgwater.TA6 7PX


Present. Steve Morgan, Mike Grabner, Marion Maddison, Tricia Brown, Pat Morgan, Joseph Abela.

Apologies. Steve Gill, Joan Gill, Colin Brown, Ivana Hodgkinson, Dave Perrin, Di Grabner.

Minutes from the last meeting: Received and agreed by all.

Matters arising: Mike Grabner announced that he felt due to increased work commitments he was unable to continue as secretary for the association but would still continue as a member. A shock -as he was a founder member and has done a wonderful job over the years and was thanked by us all. He presented a letter from Bridgwater Town council who had authorised a core-funding grant but they need to see audited accounts.

He had also received a letter from the Secretary of the Civic Society with an original copy of the first letter sent in May asking for address of the president of the Marsa Historic and Cultural society.

Update from the Chair: Not present

Update from Voce Chair/Press Secretary: Have put out about 140 posters around the town helped by other members. Have emailed about 40 papers from Gloucester to Cornwall and also emailed about 30 radio presenters around the region. SG has also contacted Quay West Radio presenter Dave Englefield who will be advertising the Maltese Night for us.

Update from Treasurer: Not present but contacted by phone re need for audited accounts for the Council.

Update from Membership secretary: TB will contact St Georges School Wembdon to see if they would like to link with Theresa Nuzzo School in Marsa.

Maltese Evening (Progress report)As the Band and DJ booked ,Raffle Tickets ordered and all the advertising out despite not having sold many tickets it was hoped that people would arrive on the night. To have another meeting to finalise plans.

Any other business: Pat Morgan has agreed to take over as Secretary and again MG was thanked for his unstinting work.

Date, Time and Venue of next meeting. September 5th, 31,Camden Road, Bridgwater.TA6 3HB 20.00hrs


Planning meeting for Maltese Night. Wednesday 5th September 2007

Held at 31,Camden Road.


Present: Colin Brown, Tricia Brown, Steve Morgan, Pat Morgan, Mike Grabner,

Steve Gill, Dave Perrin, Joseph Abele.

Apologies: Ivana Hodgkinson, Joan Gill and Di Grabner.

D P brought up to date accounts. He will take charge of looking after the entertainment artists and their payment on the night and will provide a float.

Catering will be sorted between JG; SM with help from TB.SG will sort out consumables.

SG brought the Raffle Tickets and they were spread between the members to sell before the night and at the venue on the night. CB and TB will provide a receptacle

to place the tickets in to draw out on the night.

James Morgan will stand on the door to take tickets,SG will sell tickets on the door.

Will need to send another article into the Mercury about recent visit of the Mayor of Marsa  Francis, his family and Councillor Mary Rose and to link it with advertising the Maltese night and it would need to be e-mailed that night. DP  and SG will follow up with a visit Thursday morning to make sure it was received.

PM had spoken to the manager of the Wellworthy Club and it will be open from 5 pm.

It was decided to arrive at 6.45pm to set up the room and decorate. PM, TB had collected flags etc to do this.

A letter of thanks to be sent to Mr L Duddridge, Bridgwater Cornhill market for his help and support.


Date, Time and Place for Annual General Meeting.


Penrose School, Thursday 18th October 2007 at 19.30hrs- membership fees will be due.


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