AGM 2010






Present-Tricia Brown, Steve Morgan, Pat Morgan, Steve Gill and James Morgan

Apologies-Joseph Abela, Barbara and Gordon Taylor, Mike and Di Grabner, Lorna Walker

Minutes of the last AGM read and agreed.

1. Chairman’s Report SG welcomed us; it has been a quiet year. SG, PM and TB had attended a Somerset Twinning Conference which had been informative and there is hope that a similar group like there is in Devon may be started in Somerset. SG keeps looking at EU website re funding. He was disappointed that our President the Mayor Mr Ken Richards was not present (PM pointed out that she had sent emails to the Mayor, all past presidents, the Town Clerk, members of the association and the date and time was published in both local newspapers and on Radio Somerset) SG suggest we write to the Mayor to express our sorrow that he was unable to attend with copy of the minutes. Councillor Jim Munn will be our next Mayor and we will ask him to take over the presidency when he becomes Mayor in May.

2. Vice Chair and Secretary Report. PM explained that due to the ill health of both SM and herself it had prevented any visit’s that involved flights -so no visit’s to Malta .In July 2009 PM, SM and TB had attended a Brainwave open day to promote the Association. A lot of interest was shown also by Jane Morton (Sedgemoor council) and the TV presenter Clinton Rogers and his wife who had spent part of her childhood in Malta. We had a Christmas card from Brainwave with an invite to attend again this year but the day before the meeting we received a letter to say it would not be happening this year, but please keep in mind for 2011. We also received a Christmas card from Dominic Spencer Marsa Councillor and his family.  PM also announced the arrival of a little girl to Dominic and Claudette on 27th January. She reminded the meeting of the invite on April 13th 2010 to attend the Bridgwater/Homberg Twinning Association meeting to give a talk about Marsa and our association. SG will go.

The visit of the Assistant Group Scout leader from Marsa Mark Catania, his wife and daughters for Carnival went very well. , the evening at the Mayor’s Parlour was very enjoyable. They enjoyed the fireworks on St Matthews Field and the carnival and a visit to Huish Woods Scout Camp Site. SM thought that Mark and his family were very impressed with the site (very different from camping in Malta) and that maybe there may be a future in exchanges through Scouts.PM showed a letter from Friendship Force (Somerset) about home hosting. Members took copies and SG will give one to Natalie House (European Co-ordinator for Somerset)

3. Treasurer Report. .SM explained we had £316.25 outgoings for trophies, website payment, and the banner to advertise ourselves and hospitality for the visit of the Maltese. We have a balance of £1,279.19 in the bank. The accounts were with the Auditor and we will thank Venetia Acland very much for doing them.

4. Membership Secretary Report.  TB reported at present we have 18 members and 3 corporate members. Subscriptions were now due.

5. SG suggests that as we have a healthy bank balance that we have free membership for everyone for a year. Seconded by SM.TB will submit price for tickets and printing.  All members to be advised of promotional year.

6. Election of committee members for 2010/201

Chairman-SG was nominated by SM, seconded by TB

Vice chair PM Nominated by SM Seconded by SG

Secretary PM nominated by TB Seconded by SG

Treasurer SM nominated by SG seconded by TB

Membership secretary TB nominated by JM seconded by PM

8.       Initiatives and action plan for forthcoming year.

 Joseph Arbela’s book was shown to meeting and information is also on our website.

Hamp Family Fun day is planned for Saturday 8th May at Mansfield Park (as long as SDC will allow, as football may still be being played due to bad winter) We hope to have a promotional stand and SM suggested that we could perhaps provide some food and drinks or even a raffle to raise funds for the Association.SG will investigate. We have lots of literature that we were given for Wembdon Village day but were unable to do because of PM illness and other members commitments.

We talked about promoting the Association SG has started a Face book Page for the Association and had already attracted several members PM and JM to be administration members. We were asked to request our friends to become members. It was also discussed about Marsa’s commitment, PM told the meeting that minutes were always sent to Marsa Council. SM felt the way to ordinary people of Marsa may well be through the Scout’s link as parents and family members may become involved. We need to ask Mark Catania how the trophy we presented to the Scouts is being used and maybe provide one for Wembdon troop also. JM will discuss with Scout leader Lorna Walker.

Marsa Scout Group has a face book site which is interesting.JM will inform our Scouts.

SG will talk to Kev Parsons of Rhode Lane Wanderers re? Forming a football link with the young people of both towns. Other ways of promoting ourselves were discussed? Producing a display in the Arts Centre- SG will speak to Charlie Deardon. We could appeal to ex-service men who may have photos of their time there.PM pointed out that JA had sent her some. Also discussed was a competition for children to run in the Mercury. All to raise our profile with contact for people interested. TB will send letter to schools when sent by PM re free subscriptions for the year. SG has sent message on Face book to Mark Catania.

9. Any other business- we are quite happy to continue promoting the Association as many are aware but not necessarily want to join.

10. Next meeting to be held on Tuesday 20th April- venue yet to be decided.

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